SBC vehicle owners

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SBC vehicle owners

Post by Ivanerrol » Wed 27 Dec, 2017 10:44 pm

All those with SBC prevalent on the models between 2000 and 2006.

If you didn't know it - you have two batteries. The main one in the boot and another in the engine compartment.
Both batteries must be AGM style (Glass mat).

The purpose of the auxiliary battery is to power the SBC brakes in case of some catastrophic issue with the alternator or main battery.

Me being a battery pedant always makes sure that the batteries in my cars - particularly those full of ECU's have up to date batteries.
If you have one of these rolling iCars then your main battery should stay above 12.4 volts after charge (and next morning)
Older cars will get away with the battery voltage getting down to less than 12.3 volts - 12.25. Car will start and drive along merrily.

The battery in my W204 was the original - dated late 2008. - Still working so so but changed for a new one. A slight engine misfire at cold magically disappeared after the installation of a new battery.

Battery in my newly acquired W211is dated early 2011. DIN 88 in the boot. Changed it for my Varta DIN100.

Here's the old DIN88 battery - it's going into nephews W202 - still kicking out 12.4v and load tests - O.K.
The old auxiliary battery was dated 49th week 2003. Out of the car it measured 4volts instead of 12v :whistle:
I would have thought some code would have shown up on the scanner or in the dash alarms.
The smaller battery is the auxiliary battery from under the bonnet. It was $179.00 at Every Battery :dontknow: The stealership costs are $100.00 more than this. You can get an Exide DIN88 for $225.00 its 6 times as big as that auxiliary battery. :whistle:

In the W211 the Auxiliary battery is mounted underneath the cabin air filter.
If your cabin air filter hasn't been changed in a while it's a good time to do this
The battery sits in a holder down here.
That white cloth is a cotton glove - I've got it wrapped around the positive terminal so it doesn't short out.

You need a 10mm long socket to change the Auxilary battery and additional 13mm socket is required for the main battery.

I have this.
It's an attachment you can fit into the OBDII port which you can connect to an external battery. This keeps all the programming intact when remove the batteries. I didn't bother with it. The W211 required sunroof and window reprogramming. The audio Command need retuning in radio - automatic.
The W204 came straight up - no issues.
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Re: SBC vehicle owners

Post by Aegean » Thu 28 Dec, 2017 7:13 pm

SBC = Small block Chevy
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Re: SBC vehicle owners

Post by Mercmad » Sat 30 Dec, 2017 9:55 am

Some SBC Mercs need two batteries...

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