Decent Mercedes Mechanic in Melbourne for a pre-purchase check

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Decent Mercedes Mechanic in Melbourne for a pre-purchase check

Post by RF62 » Thu 14 Dec, 2017 11:54 pm


Does anyone knows a decent mechanic in Melbourne? The main reason I am looking for one, is for a pre-purchase check.

The thing is, some mechanics who do the pre-purchase check, sometimes over charge and just check what I can check by myself!

I am not a mechanic and have never fixed an engine. But I am a good researcher! I usually check the overall condition including interior, exterior and the electrical parts of the car. I go through items one by one. Then I check the PPSR for the car history (accidents and etc). After that I use an OBD scanner to find out the codes. Then I take it to a mechanic (friend of mine) so we can jack the car up and see underneath the car (please note that this guy is a general mechanic and not an expert on Mercedes). Therefore, I don't want to pay someone to go over these things that I can cover myself. I want someone who is a professional and knows common problems of each make and model. However, I think the only thing that remains is compression check or sending a small probe into the engine (I've seen this on YouTube). Maybe I am being over cautious and perfectionist and the check I do myself is enough? Or maybe I don't know anything and should leave the check to a Mercedes professional? Please let me know.


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