Stealership servicing

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Stealership servicing

Post by Ivanerrol » Sat 04 Nov, 2017 8:31 pm

While I was away in Queensland mate's W204 wagon had the brake wear indicator come up.
I had previously bought him some Textars front and rear. But hadn't yet installed them for him.
He panicked and took the pads down to the local stealership to change out.

Now I've comes back, he complains the brakes are squealing.

Checked the brakes. Not only are the rotors under spec but the springs holding the calipers in place on the rear brake is missing from one side. :bs:
Neglected to put the anti squeal lubricant on as well. - More :bs:

You would think the local stealers would look after this guy. He currently has 4 Benz's. He only buys new ones. This is a man who bought a new Benz for each one of his daughters when they graduate from University. He only keeps Benz's fro a couple of years before he buys new ones :Doh:

He bought one Lexarse once. The experience was so bad he will never buy another.
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Re: Stealership servicing

Post by aleks001 » Sat 04 Nov, 2017 10:45 pm

Not supprised at all mechanics are a joke these days (not all ofcourse) but ive had enough experience that i do everything myself now. Mercedes will charge him god knows what and they will get an apprentice to do the work.

I just did the front and rear rotors and pads on the w209 today. Zimmerman rotors and jurid pads $410! I’m also a huge fan of zimmerman products ive never had an issue and will choose them over OE any day of the week regardless of price.

Im also not sold on the anti squeal products i think its just a money grab from companies. I dont think ive ever seen any on new cars. So todau i left it off for the first time just to see if there is a difference. I figure if i needed it the brake manufacturers or mercedes wis would specify it and neither do.

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