Who are you?

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Who are you?

Post by Starman » Fri 27 Sep, 2013 8:11 pm

I am Steve.
I am a professional engineer.
I like to engineer things.
I like things that have been engineered like cars, watches, bikes, jets.
I have a lovely wife and 2 awesome kids.
I like heavy music (mega-heavy) and like it loud.
Not just a bit loud, we're talking law-suit loud.
I like rugby league and test cricket.
I like to BBQ with friends and family.
I like my steak seared then flame-grilled, medium-well please.
I work as an engineering management consultant (imagine that).
I like getaways with my wife and kids.
I like electronic toys and gadgets.
I really enjoy learning guitar and music.
I like kickass spicy foods.
I like movies that scare the bejesus out of me
I like working-out and feeling the burn.
I like a beer, and equally enjoy a really good cup of tea.
I drive an E500 (grinning).
Next I am thinking AMG, maybe CLK or CLS.
Ultimate ride would be S63.
W212 E400 Avantgarde
W211 E500 Elegance sold
W202 C200 "the Tank" sold

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Re: Who are you?

Post by Brad220S » Sat 28 Sep, 2013 5:57 am

Eric - my car lives at my parents house in Cowra. Only recently moved to Bathurst as it's closer to work (not Mars/uncle bens, I'm at Nestle Purina or Friskies to many still) and my Fiancé is from Bathurst. Building a house soon, should start in the next month or so. So hopefully my car will be living with me next year. Dependant on if I have some shed money left over right away.

David - as far as RC cars go, I have a small collection of about 120 cars. Ranging from very early Tamiya cars up to top of the line nitro and electric touring cars. On road, off road, motorbikes, buggies, monster trucks bit of everything.
Currently getting back into racing just for fun. Racing what they call "mini class" which is the tamiya M03 and M05 chassis. Called Mini because they originally come with Mini Cooper body shells, and are front wheel drive and 1/10th mini scale. Cheap and lots of fun. Also just built a Tamiya F1. Haven't raced it yet. Looks challenging.

Those traxxas cars are bonkers. I've got a 1/16 rally. Only because you could buy a replacement body which replicates my Ford Focus ST. Dad bought one also but has modified it with brushless motor and 2 lipo batteries. It proves that unimaginable thing that there is such a thing as too much power!

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Re: Who are you?

Post by SBW108 » Thu 14 Nov, 2013 9:22 am

Small collection of 120 cars lol

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Re: Who are you?

Post by fritz » Sun 23 Nov, 2014 8:29 pm

Real name: Nik
Age: 18, I think one of the real youngens haha? This is my dad's account though we just share.
Sex: M
Benz: 1993 e280 bought for $1000 from a family who had let it sit in a paddock :(
Occupation: Just finished year 12, I work at a deli!
Location: Black Rock
Interests other than Mercedes: Computers and fixing up little things
Dream Car, unlimited budget: I don't actually know
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning:: Mercedes e280 haha
1994 E 280
1993 E 280

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Re: Who are you?

Post by vanir » Sun 14 Dec, 2014 9:01 am

Real name: Jason
Age: 45
Sex: M
Benz: Japanese delivery 1989 190E 2.6 with 983 and mods but...it's a bit rough yet, a lot more to spend but this is The Car.
Occupation: panel shop detailer, bartender
Location: Bayswater, Melbourne eastern suburbs
Interests other than Mercedes: warbirds, military history, academia, tabletop RPG
Dream Car, unlimited budget: E63 based MKB P700 seems nice
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning: W201 AMG 3.2 clone in superb condition throughout
W201.029 w/ M103.983
22/62 cam w/11mm lift
63mm exhaust
215 and 235 kumho tyres.

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Hello from germany the homeland of all mercedes benz cars

Post by vierkommazwei » Fri 06 Mar, 2015 12:53 am

My name is henry stonefield (if you translated it to english. But i'm so sorry about my bad english... :dontknow: )

in germany the wintertime is ending and so i reactivated my Mercedes Benz W126 420 SE with 380.000 Km (235980 miles). Because the german people are not so advanced in Youtube and co, i thought i will post my video clip on the other side of our earth... :happy3: So feel invited for a trip to the german main river the Rhein:



Greething from Henry

(he is still looking the world trough his Mercedes Glasses :jokercolor: )

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Re: Who are you?

Post by Mercmad » Fri 06 Mar, 2015 1:15 pm

Hi Henry! Nice Drive! :computer:

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Re: Who are you?

Post by cuisses » Fri 06 Mar, 2015 6:07 pm

Mercmad wrote:Hi Henry! Nice Drive! :computer:

I presume this is the infamous Mercmad sarcasm in operation. We get to see the inside of a rather damp basement car park with a whole lot of ceiling pipes carrying God-knows-what, followed by one of the Fatherland's least attractive petrol stations - all at glacial speed.

Nice car, but this clip ain't going to win an Oscar.

Where is the beautiful countryside for which the country is famous?

Things do improve in part 2:

David Williams

W108 280SE 4.5 (Papyrus White and Palomino)

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Re: Who are you?

Post by T-Modell » Fri 06 Mar, 2015 6:19 pm

Hallo Heinrich Steinfeld,

welcome here ... you see, requirements here are pretty tough, especially when David's answering :laughing6: :laughing6: :laughing6:

1967 W111 250SE Cabriolet, horizon blue
1973 W115 220D 5.0 Pick-Up Argentina, solar orange, work in progress 2017-2020
1986 R107 500SL, arctic white, the midlife crisis viagra replacement
2007 R171 SLK350, calcit white
2019 W222 S560, ruby black, comfy cruiser

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Thank you for the nice welcome

Post by vierkommazwei » Fri 06 Mar, 2015 7:32 pm

Good morning from the other side of the Mercedes World :Doh:

special thank to David ! You are right ! We germans doing crazy things ! But you are allso wrong, because i will the oscar and i got it ! I travel to the USA, going on the stage and take this golden figur . Than i will say: :director:

the best or nothing
(Karl Benz)

At this time you can see the show on TV... I'm sure this will happen... :liar:

You say you like the famous german country ? Your wish is my order:


or see us crossing the Rhein with 8 S-Class W126:


Greething from Henry the old german Mercedes jester :jokercolor:

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Re: Thank you for the nice welcome

Post by cuisses » Sat 07 Mar, 2015 9:12 pm

vierkommazwei wrote: Your wish is my order
The nation may well be in a slow decline, but it is good to see some Germans still follow orders.

You guys are mad to put so many examples of the W126 onto one ferry. Imagine the loss of motoring heritage if it was to sink.
They don't make them any more you know.
David Williams

W108 280SE 4.5 (Papyrus White and Palomino)

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Re: Who are you?

Post by KimB » Sun 08 Mar, 2015 12:45 pm

It's not often that you see an emerald green w126 four door. Well at least not in OZ.
W126 86 300SE Champagne
W126 84 380SEC Signal Red

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Re: Who are you?

Post by pina4greg » Mon 17 Jul, 2017 5:37 pm

Real name: Gregory BECK
Age: 56
Sex:: M
Benz: 1992 W140 300se Arctic white
Occupation: Law Enforcement
Location: Eglinton - outer coastal northern suburb of Perth W.A
Interests other than Mercedes: my family and gardening
Dream Car, unlimited budget: Konosegger ( if that's how you spell it.)
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning:: mint condition 300se
1992 W140 300se

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Re: Who are you?

Post by W108280s » Thu 13 Jun, 2019 1:50 pm

Real name: Paul
Age: 30
Sex: M
Benz: 1972 W108 280s
Occupation: Engineer
Location: Carnegie, VIC
Interests other than Mercedes: F1, AFL, Soccer, 70s Australian Ford Hardtops
Dream Car, unlimited budget: Ferrari 250 GT, Porsche 930
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning: XB Hardtop

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