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Who are you?

Post by arkenstone » Wed 11 Oct, 2006 3:46 pm

Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo are you?
Who who - who who...

I thought it might be a fun idea to have a thread where everyone can share a little more about themselves rather than just what trails behind their three-pointed-star on the weekends.

I'll start. I'll leave it to others to provide as much (or as little) information as they're comfortable with. I've also taken the liberty of 'sticky'ing the thread.

Real name: Chris
Age: 24 (One of the youngens 'round these parts)
Sex:: M
Benz: 1989 420SEL handed down from my Grandmother when she upgraded to a 2006 E320 in late '05.
Occupation: I do 'computer stuff' for Australia's largest toll road operator... (Not the RTA)
Location: Bentleigh East - In the southeast suburbs of Melbourne.
Interests other than Mercedes: Motor racing (predominantly F1), Photography, Sci Fi movies, Computer gear - all that geeky stuff.
Dream Car, unlimited budget: Maybach Excellero
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning:: DMC Delorean :) :)

That's all I can think of for now.. I'm sure I'll add some more details later when I get some ideas from others. :)
1989 420SEL
Des wrote:When the sun shines on that star and it gleems and shines bright in the sun it makes you feel just a little bit better off than everyone else.

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Post by Russ » Wed 11 Oct, 2006 6:41 pm

Real Name: Russell
Age: 24 (a youngin', same as Chris)
Sex: M
Benz: 1979 450SEL, 1972 280S, 1969 280CE
Occupation: Computer Salesperson/Retail Manager
Location: Woolloongabba (500m from the 'gabba), QLD
Interests other than Mercedes: Gliding, Music, Historic Motor Racing, Model Rockets/Cars/Boats/Trains, Computers (gaming servers + SGI systems), Photography.
Dream Car, unlimited budget: Drauz 962C
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning: Lime Green 911 Turbo
no more mercs :(

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Post by stengah » Wed 11 Oct, 2006 8:26 pm

Real name: Darcy
Age: 20
Benz:1984 W123 Thistle Green 280E
Location:Rutherglen, Victoria
Interests other than Mercedes:Music, Mopar, Mitsubishi, and Mercedes, THE FOUR 'M's'!
Dream Car, unlimited budget:thats easy, a 722 SLR, or a 300SL Gullwing (doesnt everyone want one?!) hmm an SSK would be nice too.
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning:Theres alot of them, but a Black 68' Dodge Charger, 440, 4 speed would keep me verrry happy. Although Ive always wanted a 6.3
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Tony From West Oz
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Post by Tony From West Oz » Wed 11 Oct, 2006 10:11 pm

Real name: Tony (not very imaginative am I?)
Age: 55
  • 1984 W123 300D Silver Gray
  • 1981 W123 280E White (re-engined as a 300D with a OM617 from a '78 300D)
  • 1982 W123 300D White (Mrs' car)

Occupation: Telecommunications Engineering Officer (senior technician)
Location:Bedfordale WA
Interests other than Mercedes: Renewable Fuels, Community service (Volunteer Board member for 3 Associations)
Dream Car, unlimited budget:thats easy, a C111 with OM617
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning: Factory Turbo OM617 in my '84 W123 300D (I have the car, I have the engine from MB Spares, just need to complete the overhaul,mate the engine to a tranny and put it into my '84 300D, then put it into the Paint & Panel shop to bring her back to pristine condition)
Life is a journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy.

'83 W123 300D 325000km (Wife's car Josephine - sold).
'84 W123 300D replaced good OM617 912 with OM617 952 and enjoyed having good acceleration for the first time since first driving a 300D in 2002 - became engine and trans donor for 300CD Turbodiesel conversion. Now parted out.
'86 W124 300D sold (Wife's old car - sold )
'85 W123 300CD, 275 000km (Fatmobile) rebuilt turbodiesel transplanted into 280CE (SOLD)
'99 W202 C250 Turbodiesel (my darling Wife's car - Sold)
'98 W202 C250 Turbodiesel (my car - Sold)
'06 Ssanyong Musso Crew Cab 2WD Ute (OM662 diesel and Auto Transmission)
'00 Ford Courier Crew Cab 2.5TD

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300 SLR
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Post by OzBenzHead » Thu 12 Oct, 2006 12:10 am

Well, you asked for it!

Real Name: Gordon (a.k.a. Gordie)
Age (as at October 2006): 57
Sex: I've forgotten what it's like. (I'd rather play with cars!)
Children: two sons - 33 ('rocket scientist') and 31 (muso)
Current Benzes: 1965 W111 220S; 1965 W112 300SE coupé; 1970 W108 280SE; 1979 W116 280SE; 1980 W116 450SE
Current Occupation: Small-business proprietor (sole trader) - publisher and pre-press service provider; trainer in computer-based publishing software; editor; researcher and author of Benz book (a slow, "spakfilla" job between the bread, butter, and jam jobs)
Former occupations: university desk jockey; human-services worker (community health educator, counsellor, trainer, information provider); personnel administrator; failed father of two sons; taxi driver - Melbourne Silvertop cab, radio call number 'GAY-69'!
Location: Lismore, Northern NSW
Pet dislikes: Sloppy workmanship; poor-quality goods; party politricks; fools
Interests other than M-B: You mean there are other things in life? Okay - typography and publication design; language and communication; reading (of good literature, not often 'popular' shite); Macintosh computers (my other 'religion' besides M-B); digital photography; community building/involvement
Dream Cars, unlimited budget (okay, so I'm greedy and want more than one - but dreams are cheap!): 1930s M-B 500K cabrio; 1930s M-B 770 Grosser; 1970s/1980s M-B W100 600 Grosser SWB; 1950s/1960s M-B 300SL Roadster; 1950s/1960s M-B 300d 'Adenauer' (preferably 4-door cabrio, but saloon would do)
Dream Car, one of which I might some day afford: M-B W116 450SEL 6.9; M-B W109 300SEL 6.3; M-B W111/W112 cabrio; M-B W113 280SL (Pagoda); M-B W128 220SE cabrio; M-B W111/W108 hearse - for my final ride!

Oh - and did I mention that I'm into Benzes?
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Currently owned:
1965 W112 300 SE/C (Béla – after Béla Barényi)
1983 C126 380 SEC
(Bruno – after Mr Sacco)

2003 BA Falcon ute
and formerly:
1955 W180 220a (Ponty)
1965 W111 220 S (Hektor the Heckflosse)
1970 W108 280 SE – my first Benz (Karl)
1973 W116 280 SE Crayford Estate – previously owned by Rolf Harris (der Rolfwagen)
1975 W116 450 SE (Goldy Horn)
1980 W116 280 SE (Boris)
1989 W124 300 E (Hester)
1992 W201 180 E (Baby I)
1992 W201 190 E 2.0 (Baby II)
+ numerous W108 and W116 rolling spares

and prior to my M-B enlightenment:
53 other cars of many nations, but mostly British oil-leakers (including 14 Rovers of the 50s and 60s) cursed by Lucas the Prince of Darkness. First car owned (at age 13): 1953 Fiat.

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Post by V8ENZ » Thu 12 Oct, 2006 12:19 am

Real Name: Nik
Age: 21
Sex: Manly Man
Benz: '86 420 SEC, '01 113 Vito-sold
Occupation: Machinist / Technician (family company)
Location: Bullsbrook WA
Interests other than Mercedes: Karting, Working, riding pushies uphill
Dream Car, unlimited budget: dunno, something big and shiney
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning: big hp 500SL for shits and giggles
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'86 Benz 420 SEC - (FOR SALE)
Birkin S3 Zetec (lotus 7 replica)

420 SE
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Post by 420 SE » Thu 12 Oct, 2006 7:45 am

Real name; Ross
Age; in my 40's
Sex; male
Benz; 1988 420 SE
Occupation;General Manager of an Aged Care Company, Nurse, Law student
Location; Coolum Beach, Queensland
Interests other than Mercedes; Lots, travel, wine
Dream Car, unlimited budget; Oh, far too many to list
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning; Bentley GT
"I don't know, it's just some random dude..."

220 SEb - 1962 (Hilda - sadly gone to which there is no return)
420 SE - 1988 (Lucy) - de-registered and likely to head off to the graveyard very soon...
ML 500 - 2008 (the Doha desert Dame) - retired
ML 400 - 2015 (the new Doha desert Dame, or is that Princess?)
ML 400 - 2015 (the Wife's Doha desert Duchess)
A couple of others not worth mentioning

Beware of fundamentalists

The 126 - undoubtedly the last, best large body MB

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Post by Hendrik » Thu 12 Oct, 2006 1:04 pm

Real name: K Hendrik C Riessen
Age: late 30's
Sex:: M
Benz: Check my sig line
Occupation: In between real jobs, househusband, looking to get community laser tag off the ground
Location: Same as Craig B (well same suburb)
Interests other than Mercedes: Outdoor Laser tag, music and other stuff
Dream Car, unlimited budget: Hydrogen powered S class
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning: Hydrogen powered E class :D :D

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Post by O319-coach » Thu 12 Oct, 2006 1:30 pm

Real name: John Green, O319-coach is my name on the L/O319 forum which i was a member of before the NSW club forum and OZBENZ started up so have just kept using the same name and login on all forums.
Age: 42 most days, sometimes feel like 62
Benz: 1976 Crayford 280SEL station wagon, 1954 300b limosine, 1991 300CE - 24 3.4 AMG, 2005 Viano 2.2CDI (mums truck), 1966 O319 10 seat luxury coach, 1971 W115 220D factory stretch and heaps more.
Occupation: Mercedes-Benz Guru
Location: Work in Fyshwick ACT, live in Jerrabomberra NSW
Interests other than Mercedes: Family (14/12/3 year olds), Scout Association, currently District Commissioer for Black range (everything between Canberra and the Dividing range)
Dream Car, unlimited budget: C111 coupe with four rotor engine
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning:: W111 3.5 cabriolet
John Green
Independent importer of discounted genuine Mercedes-Benz parts.
Restorer of Concours winning cars.
Sponsor of this forum.
http://www.mbspares.com.au Toll free phone 1300 787 300

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Post by CraigB » Thu 12 Oct, 2006 4:29 pm

Great idea Chris. I am finding this really interesting, particularly with so many younger guys that obviously have the same interests as me but if you are in the clubs I’m in you never see them and you can’t help them out by sharing what I’ve learnt – like the older guys that taught me – but Ozbenz is a way of interacting. Perhaps they are scared off by the proliferation of ‘old fart minds’ often found in clubs? Probably a bit harsh on the SA MB club that has great people in it and some of us are working in ways to bring out the closet car nuts and do more ‘real car’ stuff.

Also I added a field of 'children' and if so how old on mine because someone pointed out to me that if you are 22 or 42 you probably do similar stuff if you have kids of the same age. Just thought it might be another interesting factor to a profile.

Real name: Craig
Age: 42
Children age? : 2 and (- a few weeks away)
Sex:: M - Benny Hill answer, Yes please!
Benz: 1950 170s, 1968 250s (gas), 1969 280s, 1969 280sl
Occupation: biologist – ecologist. Involved in research for many years and more recently working as ‘the tree police’. Becoming a farmer in Keith in March.
Location: Hawthorndene in the Adelaide hills
Interests other than Mercedes: Various eras of vehicles from Veteran on (Amilcar to Peugeot), the ‘why’ of different cars and not just the ‘what’, restoration of vehicles and the environment (even though that sounds like cross purposes!), road bike riding (40’s to 50’s Brit bikes and later Ducati), participating in club level motorsport, interesting films, the ‘old’ vehicle community and all its complexity – from clubs (the good and the bad of) to non-clubs (eg Ozbenz) and a concern that if younger generations don’t follow an interest in the history of vehicles then where we will be – or more importantly if we continue to let the ‘old fartiness’ of clubs to take over where will we be!, probably more importantly that as a society maybe we are becoming more insular and blokes getting together to talk about cars and share knowledge and help each other in fixing things is a healthy thing for society as a whole…… rather than us all withdrawing into a cocoon of the TV and eventually falling in to the trap of believing that is what real life is all about…..and so following that logic I guess it doesn’t have to be historic vehicles, it could be mods or models or whatever. Ozbenz is great but sometimes it is good to step from the screen and meet…… speaking from experience! Seeing all these young guys involved is great too and I am cool with the mod stuff. Sorry about the rant – but you did ask what my interests are!
Dream Car, unlimited budget: just too hard to answer but pretty happy with my toys.
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning:: I’ve always thought their could be room in my life for a Lotus Elise and on occasions I get tempted by late model Alfa GTV’s with screamable V6 engines I believe. Neither particularly practical with 2 kids under 2 and a shed full of other impractical cars!

Future aim - Write shorter posts!!
Craig Baulderstone
280SL Ruby
300TE Otto
350SL Gloria
350SLC Lurch
450SEL Boris
500SEC's...including Syd
560SEL's Foufou and Zac

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Post by WarrenM » Fri 13 Oct, 2006 12:19 pm

Real Name- Warren Matthews
Age 70 but only feel 29
Children 3 with 9 grandkids between them
Location Spencers Brook in Avon Valley 100k from Perth
OccupationRetired (?) restorer of VW Campers and one 0309 Bus[/b]
Marital status Married 46 years on 22nd October
Interests other than MercedesMotor sport, touring, playing with all type of classic cars
Future AimLive another 50 years to fit in everything we would like to do
Favourite carsMB, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, V.W Type 2, V.W Golf R32,R.enault Fuego
1972 MB 280E
1995 MB E280

1976 Mercedes Benz 0309D Camper-gone but not forgotten

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Post by Shnoz » Sun 15 Oct, 2006 2:14 pm

Real Name- Nathan Chrzanowski
Age 18
Location Great Ocean Road
Occupation Full time student
Marital status Single
Interests other than Mercedes Other cars, motobikes, diving, anything with an engine
Dream Car Lamborghini Diablo SV
Realistic Dream car W123 with a Merc 560 engine/tranny, custom tailshaft, shiftkitted, racing roll cage (the ULTIMATE racing merc) :shock:

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C 111
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Post by Boyracer » Sun 15 Oct, 2006 2:32 pm

Real Name Michael
Age 40
Location Sydney South
Occupation Company Accountant
Benz 230E (1985) was purchased new by my father and has only recently come into my possession. It's been well looked after and seems to get it's fair share of attention when it's out on the road. It's hard to believe 22 years has passed so quickly. I still have vivid memories of the 300TD (1980) he traded in when he bought this car.
Other Cars Citroen DS23 (1974), Rover Mini Cooper 1.3L SPI (1995), & Peugeot 206CC (2004).
Dream Car, unlimited budget / Dream Car that I have a chance of owning There's really nothing I would want. Perhaps a 1960's Mini if the right one came up.
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'85 Mercedes Benz W123 230E [929 Nautical Blue Metallic]

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peter b
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Post by peter b » Fri 20 Oct, 2006 11:20 am

Real name: Peter
Age: 39
Children: Boy aged 4 and Girl aged 2
Sex: M, frequency declined somewhat after the kids arrived
Benz: 1975 450SLC.
Occupation: Petroleum Reservoir Engineer. This means I and my team evaluate how to, and then, develop oil and gas fields thus keeping our Federal govt solvent through the millions of dollars paid in Petroleum revenue tax.

Part-time: writing a children's book for under 7s with central characters "Conkey & Snowflake" who are brother and sister bears and come to Australia from Canada to escape the winter. I'm way behind with my publishing objectives but hopefully will go to proof copy during next year. My Merc is also in the book as "Conkey & Snowflake" are reminded of home as the 3-pointed star resembles a snowflake whilst travelling in the back!

Location: Toorak Gardens, Adelaide
Interests other than Mercedes: Trying to get fit before I get to 40. Have returned to a bit of running and playing volleyball again. Rugby and soccer football (watching). Wine drinking. Listening to the finest music such as Radiohead, Muse, Teenage Fan Club, REM, U2, Elvis Costello, The Stone Roses, The Smiths, The Jam, The Who and that kind of stuff.

Dream Car, unlimited budget: The top of the range Aston Martin convertible.
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning: If my book is a big hit and wins a Smarties award, or similar, and hence massive re-print run with international house - I'll buy the Aston.
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1975 450SLC
Jeep Cherokee (the other family car)
Raleigh Chopper 3 speed stick-shift (King of the pavement wheels)

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Post by drew56cus » Mon 30 Oct, 2006 10:46 pm

Real name: Drew
Age: 33
Benz: 1965 220SE project - slotting in a MB 4.5 V8
Occupation: Mining Engineer - design holes in the ground (preferably not ones that fall in and trap people and subject us to crappy journalism!)
Location: Kenmore Hills in Brisbane
Interests other than Mercedes: Learning how to build custom cars. Wish I could give away mining and play in the shed all day!
I love old 50's and 60's cars, and have had a beautiful Customline and Mainline, but my wife refuses to drive them. She thinks they are unsafe as they don't have 'crumple zones'. I told her that the old cars are built with real steel, and so the cars they hit act as the crumple zones! She did not agree. The only old car I like that she felt safe in was a finny, hence my project.
Dream Car, unlimited budget: 300SL convertible, or old 356 Porsche speedster
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning:: 1956 F-O-R-D Thunderbird with a modern chassis and motor, my project Customline, or De Tomaso Pantera GT5, or V8 Finny with chopped coupe roof (I'm not fussy)... So many cars to build, only one lifetime...

Here I am with my dream customised 1956 F-O-R-D Customline that is underway (and waiting for the finny to be done).
'65 220SE 4.5 Frankenbenz finnie :)
'65 220SE/C (#1 project - Tenorite grey)
'64 300SE/C (#2 project)
'66 250SE/C (#3 project)

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Simon Dove
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Post by Simon Dove » Mon 06 Nov, 2006 11:35 am

Real name: Simon Dove
Age: 38
Children 2 boys
Sex:: Inversely proportional to years married :cry:
Benz: 1971 300SEL & 1988 420SEL
Occupation: Helicopter Pilot/aircraft engineer.
Location: Katherine NT
Interests other than Mercedes: Brewing the perfect home brew. Dodging nappy changes.
Dream Car, unlimited budget: 300SEL 6.3
Interesting fact. Once lived in Borneo and ate jungle porcupine (not bad either).
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71 W109 300SEL 3.5
78 W123 300D
88 W126 420SEL

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Post by 4heckssake » Wed 08 Nov, 2006 5:07 pm

Real name; Rod
Age; just avoiding 40
Sex; was male when I last checked
Benz; 2 at the moment see below - also had a '67 250S
Occupation;consultant...trying to make communities better places through recreation and sport initiatives.
Location; Adelaide
Interests other than Mercedes;cycling, food, beer, wine, travel, beer, gardening, beer, sport, sleeping...oh and beer is good.
Dream Car; It's not designed yet but it will be beautiful object (like a 220 coupe), kind on the environment and my wallet yet still as much fun to drive as our old petrol guzzlers.
Current fleet: W202 C240 wagon and Nissan ute.

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Post by Brad34 » Wed 08 Nov, 2006 6:10 pm

Real Name: Brad
Age: 30
Sex: M
Occupation: Aviation Museum curator
Benz: 1965 220SEb - 5th owners, pretty unmolested, love it to death! Slight contrast to my other toy... (see below)
Location: Point Cook, Melbourne
Other interests: Historic Motor racing, cars in general, mountain biking, live music
Dream Car: Ferrari 288GTO, or perhaps a Porsche 917.
Dream Car (real world): I really like the idea of a finnie sedan with a late model AMG transplant, but probably a stright six rather than a V8! Be a reasonable sleeper I think. Or a finnie wagon/hearse, for something different...

1964 220 SEb
1964 300SE LWB
1964 300SE LWB
1974 SL/R 5000 L34
1989 190E
2008 VE Omega


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Post by ADow » Thu 09 Nov, 2006 12:18 am

Updated 19/08/10
Real name: Alastair Dow
Age: 59
Occupation: Business Consultant specialising in HR.
Benzs: See below.
Location: Gilberton, Adelaide
Family- Wonderful spouse, two young adult children, elderly Whippet.
Other interests: Building projects, wine, travel, surfing, entertaining, reading, keeping fit, gardening, AFL, current affairs and politics, general knowledge. Dream cars: Maserati Ghibli II, Gordon Keeble GT, VDP Speed 6 Bentley, Lamborghini Iselero, Morgan Aero 3-wheeler, 600 Grosser, Ferrari F40, Facel Vega Excellence, Allard J2, Bentley Continental, Austin 7 Ulster, Sunbeam Tiger.
Maybe one day - One of the above.
The W108 3.5 V8 is a brilliant car, practical daily driver, and still a serious automotive bargain. Get one while you can and be happy for the rest of your life!
1971 280SE 3.5 - Don Ottavio - sold
1980 300D (formerly daughter's) - Heidi - sold
1999 C200 Elegance (currently daughter's)
1981 300D (son's) - Hektor (departed)
1998 Puma Clubman with 250 RWKW SR20DET - Percy
2011 VW Tiguan
2007 Jeep Cherokee

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Post by W123 » Sun 12 Nov, 2006 5:05 pm

Real Name: Dimitris
Age: Not even 20 (hexadecimal)! Ok ok, I am thirty.
Sex: Male
Occupation: Systems support engineer for a big company that provides air traffic control and other airside services.
Benzs: I have a W123 230 E and a W115 230.4
Location: Canberra. And loving it!
Other interests: Amateur radio, music, travelling, computers (that don't run Windows and don't have x86 CPUs)
Dream Car: I don't really have a dream car, I suppose my feet are firmly on the ground. When I was about to buy my first MB, I was looking for a nice W123 diesel. So far, I seem to be able to find good diesel cars after I give up and buy a petrol one. Oh well, one can keep dreaming I guess...
-- W124 E 280 '94, W115 230.4 '75

Tony T
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Post by Tony T » Wed 15 Nov, 2006 11:21 am

Ok, my turn.............
Real name- Tony Tervoert
Age- 40 :(
Sex- M
Occupation- Photographer
Benz- '88 300E (Actually, it's a 260E badged as 300E :roll: ) '76 280SE, '82 280TE, '74 450SLC
Location- Barossa Valley S.A.
Other interests- Old dirt bikes, I've got a Husqvarna 250CR 1975, Kawasaki 1000GTR, factory kitted Suzuki DR750. Wine (don't know much about it, I just like it!) Photography of course, playing drums and bass and family time.
Dream Car- I don't really have one either...........I just like W123's and W124's I guess because that's what I grew up on. But I wouldn't say no to a nice S600 coupe.
Dream Car (real world)- I guess a nice R107 SL would be great for Sunday drives. My wife is at me for a Benz convertible of some type. I would like to start looking for a W123 of some type for a second Benz.
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Post by Michel » Sun 19 Nov, 2006 7:23 am

I took long.. sorry... But here goes...

Real name: Michel Malik
Benzes: List below
Other Collectibles: 1956 Chevrolet Belair Convertible (being restored to original specs - not far to go), 1962 Chevrolet Belair 9-seater Wagon (modified 454 Turbo700 auto, etc.), 90s RR
Occupation: In the Media - Radio and Magazines
Location: Prestons (South Western suburbs of Sydney)
Interests other than Mercedes: Motor Racing; My Chevrolets; Computers, Travel (I do a lot for business, but here I meant for relaxation) and many many more...
Dream Car, unlimited budget: M-B S65L AMG, F E R R A R I 599 GTB (Italian Stallion--no prancing horse here... :wink:) , M-B 1955 300SC (convertible of course)
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning: M-B W116 450SEL 6.9, M-B 600 Grosser, RR convertible.
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Michel (in Sydney)

W116: 1978 450SEL 6.9 - 690SEL # 3312
R107: 1985 500SL AMG - LHD
C208: 2000 CLK430 Coupe
W163: 2003 ML320

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Post by 70499 » Mon 20 Nov, 2006 7:22 pm

Real name: Brad
Benzes:1992 W201 The big 1.8 :lol: 2006 Vito
Occupation: Self Employed
Location: Perth WA
Interests other than Mercedes: Oldtimer Motoring Events. Solitude Rennen Events. Vintage Volkwagen, Surfing, and Travel.
Dream Car , Koenigsegg, Mclaren SLR, KDF Volkswagen Käfer for Sunday Cruzin.
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning:One dayfingers crossed, a 356.

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who am i

Post by bahnstormer109 » Mon 20 Nov, 2006 9:33 pm

Real name: Paolo
Age: 23
Sex: M
Benz: 300SEL 3.5, 300TD, 280TE, 250
Occupation: Public Servant
Location: Brisbane Australia
Interests other than Mercedes: clocks, watches and fountain pens
Dream Car, unlimited budget: 280SE 3.5 cabriolet
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning: currently chasing 450SEL, 280CE, 450SLC or 280/380 126.

72 300SEL 3.5
82 380SEL
84 280CE
86 560SEL
86 230TE
A good Benz these days is hard to find, so please be gentle with this Benz of mine.

Dernburg Wagon
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Post by Oasis » Sun 24 Dec, 2006 7:01 pm

First Post!

Real name: Bill
Age: 39, almost there..
Sex: M
Benz: 1985 230TE
Occupation: Musician
Location: Sydney Australia
Interests other than Mercedes: Music (obviously), Watches, Cycling
Dream Car, unlimited budget: MacLaren F1
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning: Porsche 997 eventually
"Tell him we've already got one..."

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Post by AndrewsSL/SEL » Tue 26 Dec, 2006 1:12 pm

Real name: Andrew [yeah really...who would have guessed]
Age: 38
Sex: Male
Family: Married to the love of my life with one son called Euan
Benz: 87 R107 300SL, 86 W126 420SEL
Occupation: Account Manager in the building industry
Location: Mornington Peninsula Victoria
Interests other than Mercedes: Surfing, Golf, Bass Guitar, Hi-Fi, Movies, Developing, Building.
Dream Cars, unlimited budget:
Bugatti Veyron, [cos it's just the fastest and most expensive]
Brabus SLV12S Biturbo roadster, [cos it's the fastest MB roadster]
Brabus CLSV12S, [cos it's the fastest 4 door]
Carat Duchatelet S65L stretched 125 Armoured, [mobile palace]
http://www.carat-duchatelet.be/specprod ... neral2.htm
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning:
91 Carat Duchatelet 560SEL
81 M-B W116 450SEL 6.9
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86 Diamond Blue 420SEL [That is being parted out and stripped for spares]
87 Red 190E 2.6 [Cossie Bodykit, R129SL 4pots/rotors, Bilstein/H&R suspension=GOKART]
87 White 300SL R107 Roadster [Which has sadly become a bit of a garage queen]
89 Nautical Blue 420SEL [The new Limo thats now the wife and sons daily driver with hot old Lorinser LO rims]
13 White Ford XR6 1 ton ute[The work ute]

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Post by wainu » Thu 11 Jan, 2007 10:14 pm

Just found this site and joined.
Greg Nason living in Canberra for the last 21 years Darwin for 10 prior to that.
Have now owned 7 Benzes in the space of 10 years
97 W202 C240 Elegance
98 W163 ML320
99 W202 C180 Classic (2nd car)
01 W163 ML270 CDI
01 W203 C180 Coupe (2nd (mid life crisis) car)
04 W203 C180K Classic (2nd & town Car)
05 W163 ML270 CDI Special edition(last of the 163's)

Very satisfied with them all (Michael Held at Canberra Star was a pleasure to deal with)
The ML's used to tow our Careel 22 Trailer Yacht since sold and the 05 model now takes all our gear plus inflatable dinghy to Pittwater most fortnights where we sail our Cavalier 32ft yacht.

Have belonged to am ML forum in the States since 98 and have often told the dealer where the problems were in the ML's (not many with mine thank goodness) but with so many built and sold in the US and the pathetic nature of most of the USA stealers and MBUSA, they had lots of problems.
Not sure what I will get out of this forum as it seems to be mainly utilised by older Benz owners.
The C is about to come out of warranty with 50k's on the clock and has been fault free (as has the ML) but I now plan to keep them both as I approach retirement and won't have the income to pay for the latest and greatest.
Greg in Canberra

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Post by MB300D81 » Fri 12 Jan, 2007 9:51 am

Real Name: Emad
Age: 37
Sex: M
Benz: Please see signature
Occupation: CAD/CAM Programmer
Location: Sydney - Ingleburn
Interests other than Mercedes: Music.
Dream Car, unlimited budget: BRAND NEW W123 300D in 80s.
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning: Still looking

edited to match thread.
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Best Regards,


1991 300D 260,000 on WVO
1993 300D 200,000

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Post by Mathew » Fri 12 Jan, 2007 12:21 pm

Real name: Mathew
Age: 32
Sex:: Male
Married five kids all Benz nuts ( don't know where they get it from???)
Benz: See my signature my wife thinks I have issues I think I'm lucky
Occupation: Avionic's technician for the Airforce
Location: Sydney.
Interests other than Mercedes: Photography, Golf, Overseas travel, home mechanic and more Mercedes
Dream Car, unlimited budget: CL 63 AMG
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning:: E55 210 series

This forum is great, especialy when you are half way pulling that whats name apart and you stuff it, anytime day or night I've found the answers to those little problems one finds when one thinks he can fix his own car. My mercedes admiration started way back in 1980 when I got a ride in my Dad's, sister's 450SEl new at the time. I sat in the back of that thing and knew thats what I wanted more than anything else when I grew up and somehow I ended up with more than one opps!

Cheers Mat :wink:
1969 230 300,000+ miles
1989 420SEL 390,000km
1995 E220 Cabriolet 151,000km
1996 E230 220,000km
1997 S280 161,000km
2011 C250 62,000km

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Post by Fiddler » Wed 24 Jan, 2007 9:13 pm

Real name: Pete
Age: 50 this year ...how did that happen? ...I still think I'm 30
Sex: Not applicable I'm married .....Male
Family: yes lots ...kids scattered all over the globe ...grandkids too
Benz: 63 Klein Heckflosse ... we met on the internet ....and fell in love
Occupation: This and that.
Location: Northern Adelaide plains
Interests other than Mercedes: Music production, Gardening (food not flowers), Watching Motor sport (V8's)
Dream Car unlimited budget: MB 600 Grosser ...but I tend not to dream of stuff I know I'll never have.
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning: Rolls Royce.

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Post by Eccles » Sat 27 Jan, 2007 2:51 pm

Real Name: Richard
Age: 21
Sex: M
Benz: 1973 230/6 1990 300e42
Occupation: Architectural draftsman
Location: Canberra
Interests other than Mercedes: annoying murry, chris and john at mb spares.
stockmarket, fishing, wine. traffic light grand prix vs 90's 5 series.
Dream Car, 540k special
Dream Car that i have a chance of owning. 300 adenaur

Rob B
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Post by Rob B » Fri 16 Feb, 2007 2:24 pm

Rob Bradford & Wife Judi,

Live on the side of a hill in Brisbane.
Cars I have owned, until I lived on the side of a hill.. Not including Mazdas and Hyundai
P76: brilliant, Towed the sail boat Sonata 7.
MG A 1600. did it up for Judi, precursor to my ones!
MK2 J a g 3.8 Auto
MK2 J a g 3.8 Man
W114 Saloon, Judes work car
V o l vo 240, Judes work car when W114 died.
Mo r ris Minor 1000
Triumph Stag Man
Cars I still have: Triumph Stag
W123;280CE: (Judes Car when the V o l v o died @ 500,000Klm) which I converted to LPG. It cost 8.6cents per KLm to run now and getting better.
A bit of a contrast in technology (or lack of it in some cases), but all interesting.
I think the Mk2 J a g in 3.8 format was right up there with MB for it's time.

My favourit? probably the 280CE. I think MB got it right with shape & balance. It is as beautiful as the Jag was, in a Tutonic way.
Hobbies: I like to figuer how to do it myself rather than paying someone else to try and figuer it out. Making old things new. Clocks!
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280CE, TR3A, Stag Various other old stuff

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Post by AMG » Wed 07 Mar, 2007 1:22 am

Real name: Joe
Age: 30-something
Sex: I'm a Bloke, not a Shiela
Benzes: it all started with Stella, a late 1986 build r107 560SL signal red, automatic, first registered march 87 which I purchased on Australia Day 2007. Now they breed in my Driveway. See my Sig.
Occupation: Resident Engineer @ Juniper Networks www.juniper.net
Location: Illawarra escarpment, overlooking a beautiful part of NSW southern coastline
Interests other than Mercedes: anything with an engine and wheels. fitting/machining. motorcycles. lots of stuff.
Dream Car, unlimited budget: Bugatti Veyron, Pagani Zonda , SL73 AMG the list goes on and on and on...
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning: Ringo's 600 of course. - but I'd have to sell all my other cars to buy another money-pit - unless I won lotto.


I'd like an astralsilber w112 300 coupe with a red leather interior, a w109 6.3, a Renault Alpine A110 Berlinette, Lancia HF Delta Integrale, a 1970 426 Hemi 'cuda with a 4 speed. Lotus Exige,

And Project SLC. the Mampe replica, which I am slowly accumulating bits for.
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Reason: updated bio.
1987 560SL 4sp. auto Signalrot "Stella"
1987 190E 2.3-16 5sp. man. Blauschwarz "Hermann"
1992 300CE-24 6sp. man. Perlblau / Iceblau "Gretel"
1992 Range Rover Classic 4sp auto Ardennes Green "Oswald"
2012 E63 AMG Speedshift MCT Diamantweiß "Klaus"
1986 560SEL Anthracitgrau "Schultz" - In Mercedes Heaven
1987 190E 2.6 4sp. auto Signalrot "Sabine" - which now resides/owns Andrew M's Garage
1972 350SLC Astralsilber "Lurch" - now in the loving care of Craig B
1989 2.5-16 Blauschwarz 4sp. auto (parted) formerly owned by Derek/Hasan.
2012 Renault Sport Megane RS265 Trophy 8:08 6 sp. man. Liquid Yellow "Jean Rédélé"

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Post by nsladden » Tue 10 Apr, 2007 8:18 pm

Real name: Nathan Sladden
Age: 15 turning 16
Sex: Male
Benz: None yet but friends & family own heaps.
Occupation: Car deatailing & work at a couple of car yards.
Location: Murwillumbah, NSW
Interests other than Mercedes; Cars in general
Dream Car, unlimited budget: What ever I see for sale.
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning: Not exactly a dream car but my neighbour offered me a Subaru Leone for free.....?
Would it of killed Mercedes-Benz to make their cars as easy to work on as say a Ford or Holden?? But then again.....It wouldnt be a Mercedes then would it?

1972 MB 350SL
1976 MB 280SE
1983 MB 500SEL
1992 MB 180E
1992 MB 230E

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Post by Davew114280e » Sun 29 Apr, 2007 11:57 am

Real name: David
Age: 27
Sex: M
Benz: I'm on my 2nd w114 280e.
Occupation: Musician/DJ/Producer
Location: Prahran East, dodging Range Rovers.
Interests other than Mercedes: Music, booze, Historic Motor racing, throwing money at the Benz.
Dream Car, unlimited budget: Mercedes-Benz W 196 "Typ Monza"
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning:: 300 SEL 6.3 (the red AMG racing one) 8)

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Re: Who are you?

Post by oziweb » Mon 30 Apr, 2007 12:05 am

real name: John
Age: 60+
Sex: M
Benz: 280E 1977
Occupation: Sheep farmer
Location: Upper Hunter Valley NSW
Interests: currently due to the drought - surviving otherwise Computers,programming, bird watching ( both types)
Dream Car: well not actually a dream car it will be my second car once I win the Lotto - Morgan
Previous Cars: R o v e rs 75 to 3Litre ( once bought a r o v e r 2000 but when to confession and was forgiven) Land Rovers series 1 to series 3. F i a t 125 ( worked at F i a t and thus was compulsory to have one but I shot it dead between the headlights when both timing belts broke at the same time) you know you can get a fully fitted out f i a t 125 compressed into a 2 foot by 2 foot block of scrap metal.

I like the merc it is a pleasure to drive but unlike the R o v e r 3l I cannot hear the clock tick when driving

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What is a sticky?

Post by jobeilby » Mon 02 Jul, 2007 3:46 pm

Real name: Joanne (Jo) Beilby
Sex: (No thanks don't like it) Female
Benzes: w202 C180 (written off) SLK 230 1998 (sold to finance latest degree along with home. :cry: )
Other Collectibles: Educational Degrees (eternal student)
Occupation: Medical Student and Ballroom Dancer
Location:East Bentleigh, VIC. (South-East suburbs)
Interests other than Mercedes: Ballroom Dancing and Doctor Who!
Dream Car, unlimited budget: MB Gullwing
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning: Gullwing (If I can tear myself away from MB searching/Ballroom Dancing/Doctor Who and actually graduate! 8) )
Cheers, JO

Ownership History:
Charcoal Silver R170 SLK Special Edition 2004 (Current) - Loving her!
Silver W202 C180 2000 (Current)
Antique Cream W108 280S 1972 (Gorgeous but sold)
Silver W202 C180 1999 (written off)
Travatine R170 SLK 230 1998 (Sold)

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David B
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Post by David B » Thu 12 Jul, 2007 2:42 am

Real Name: David Bromley
Age: 53, but this might change.
Location: London, but this will change.
Occupation: Artist. I illustrate book covers, ads and newspaper articles. I paint pictures of interesting places I have been to, such as street scenes in South America. I make linocuts and print them on one of my printing presses.
Other Interests: I like travel. I do trips to mainland Europe on trains and and my motorbike. I recently took a narrow-gauge train ride accross Switzerland, The Glacier Express; stunning! I use the Eurostar between London and Paris every time I go there.
Current Vehicles: 1965 300SE Coupé W112. R1100RT B-M-W motorbike, which I ordered new 8 years ago in an Australian Specification. It is pristine!
Dream Car: It's always been a dark blue 300SEL 6.3. I am also keen on a Mid-blue Fintail 4 door.
Big News: After 18 years away from Australia I am coming back in the next couple of months. The idea is to establish myself on the coast of NSW, don't quite know where yet. Maybe South Coast, maybe near Sydney or maybe near Coffs Harbour. I need space to start a printmaking and artists studio that will be open to the public.

Today I got the import approval for both vehicles and I will proceed with the plans. The biggest problem seems to be the air suspension on the coupe. Geting the stowage right so it doesn't get damaged.

The car will be based in Canberra initially and will make many trips there wherever we settle as I have a large agenda of things I will be doing to it. I need advice on insuring the Merc and also the bike from the moment they leave the wharf. I've got classic car insurance here with a club discount. Any info would be great.

I'll post a photo here of my main squeeze, Kiyomi and the car at a cold, bleak, damp, muddy classic car show in Enfield, North London in April 07.

David B, Hungry Head NSW
1965 300SE Coupe, Silver, Manual

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Post by CraigB » Mon 23 Jul, 2007 11:15 pm

I know this topic is "who I am" and we try not to fill it up with replies..... but because I am lazy and in a hurry tonight...... for insurance, the two classic insurers i have been involved with are Shannons and Vigil, and a search engine should take you to a contact for them. I think NRMA are another. Do a search on insurance on this forum and you will get lots of discussion on it.
Craig Baulderstone
280SL Ruby
300TE Otto
350SL Gloria
350SLC Lurch
450SEL Boris
500SEC's...including Syd
560SEL's Foufou and Zac

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Post by Hendrik » Tue 24 Jul, 2007 10:52 am

David B wrote: I'll post a photo here of my main squeeze, Kiyomi and the car at a cold, bleak, damp, muddy classic car show in Enfield, North London in April 07.
I see she is all ready for down under, drizabone and RM Williams boots, just need an Akubra and a stock whip (for some adult fun :wink: ) and you'll be good to go :D :D

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David B
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Post by David B » Tue 31 Jul, 2007 5:48 am

I've quizzed her on this and it's not a Drizabone. It's from House of Fraser, London. The R M Williams came from Gowings in Sydney, 3 pairs for the price of two. We've got hats too..we get given them as presents.

I went to the Mercedes-Benz Club Brooklands Festival on 22nd July. I will post photos elsewhere.
David B, Hungry Head NSW
1965 300SE Coupe, Silver, Manual

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Who I am...

Post by ESOO » Fri 24 Aug, 2007 1:19 am

Real name: Eric
Age: 39
Sex:: M
Benz: 1961 W111 220b (M180)
1971 W108 280SEL 3.5L (M116)
1979 W107 280SL (M110)
1980 W116 280S (M110)
Occupation: I work for magazine / publication company.
Location: Hong Kong but I used to live in Melbourne
Interests other than Mercedes: Photography
Dream Car, unlimited budget: Mercedes GullWing 300SL, Ferrari Dino, Ford GT40, AC Cobra, Porsche 2.7RS, Aston Martin DB6 .......
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning:: None so far...... :-(
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Post by 76Benz » Fri 24 Aug, 2007 11:13 pm

Here we go

Real name: Kurt
Age: nearly 40
Sex: M
Benz: /8 280ce
Occupation: Architect
Location: Bayside Brisbane
Interests other than Mercedes: sailing, building, camping, anything outdoors really, pedal bike riding
Dream Car, unlimited budget: Mechatronic MSL 430 Pagode (modernised pagoda) http://www.mechatronik.de/de/msl.htm
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning: 280sl Pagoda

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Post by bruceT » Thu 30 Aug, 2007 8:10 pm

Real name: Bruce (Fakawi or Zulu to my friends - it's along story as I emigrated from South Africa in 1979)
Age: 52
Benzs: 1976 W123 300D fueled by used cottonseed oil; 1993 W124 300D; 1982 W126 280SE
Occupation: Contracts Manager for a Building Society (Yes, I put in those "you can't wriggle out of it" clauses in the loan contracts :))
Location: Maitland, 30km from Newcastle
Interests other than Mercedes: Family, old wooden sailing boats, photography, wine, beer brewing, marathon running (but have retired now)
Saddest day: The day my daughter broke off with the son of a Hunter Valey winemaker
Happiest day: Any day I'm still above ground
Dream Car: Well it's a combo really...
Dream car that I have a chance of owning: Fully restored W111 (any model) Cabrio


Past Benzs:
1976 W123 300D (Running on SVO (Straight Veg Oil) since June 2006-Sold in Nov 2008)
1982 W126 280SE - Unregistered (Free to a good home!)
1993 W124 300D (running on 100% used cooking oil, no conversion and no glow plugs!)

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Post by CraigB » Thu 30 Aug, 2007 9:02 pm

This is a reply to Eric, having already made another 108/109 post reply. I am always willing to learn more but I reckon your description of cars is a contradiction of terms. I was pretty sure that there wasn't a 108 'sel' ie. long wheelbase with coil springs and a V8? Did they do this in some countries I wonder? Also "1979 108 280sl" doesn't seem to fit. Could that be a typo and it is a w107?

Not posting this to be picky, just that just when you think you know all the models..... you find out something new!
Craig Baulderstone
280SL Ruby
300TE Otto
350SL Gloria
350SLC Lurch
450SEL Boris
500SEC's...including Syd
560SEL's Foufou and Zac

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Post by ESOO » Fri 31 Aug, 2007 1:11 am

CraigB wrote:This is a reply to Eric, having already made another 108/109 post reply. I am always willing to learn more but I reckon your description of cars is a contradiction of terms. I was pretty sure that there wasn't a 108 'sel' ie. long wheelbase with coil springs and a V8? Did they do this in some countries I wonder? Also "1979 108 280sl" doesn't seem to fit. Could that be a typo and it is a w107?

Not posting this to be picky, just that just when you think you know all the models..... you find out something new!
To CraigB,

There was a typo, and I have amended my words. For W108, I think we do have different models compares to US market. Say for W116, US only have 280S for 1975 and 1976 but we have this model until 1980. Same for W108, I have seen a few 280SEL with 3.5L V8 here before.



W121 - 190SL (1955)
W111 - 220b (1961)
W108 - 280SEL 3.5L (1971)
W107 - 280SL (1979)
W116 - 280S (1980)

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New here

Post by Nafen » Wed 19 Sep, 2007 8:08 pm

Real name: Nathan
Sex: Male
Benzes: W114 69 250 Compact
Occupation: Engineer
Location: Sydney
Interests other than Mercedes: Anything powered by petrol :D

Dernburg Wagon
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Re: Who are you?

Post by kmac » Sat 05 Jan, 2008 5:21 pm

Real Name ---- Keith
Age ---- 53 next week
Location ---- Rutherglen NE Victoria
Mercedes owned ---- W123 230E 4 speed manual 85 model----W124 300E 5 speed manual 87 model
Other vehicles owned ---- BMW K1200RS (99) -- Pajero t/d (95)
Occupation ---- Shift Maintenance Fitter for a large food company
Intrests ---- Family, Wife, Adele, Daughter Meagan (26) Sons Emerson (16) and Jordan (5) Most things that run on petrol especially Bikes (MotoGP WSB and Road race side cars) . Going to Phillip Island for the G.P. Ride`s with friends through the mountains, riding the bike almost any time. (a bad ride is nearly always better than a good drive!)
Dream Car ---- W124 500E (when the Nos come up) Bike BMW K1200R any car that Emerson can fit into properly to drive, 205 cms and still growing.
Thought ---- I believe i have the German Triology Mercedes Benz car B.M.W/ motor cycle and a Whippet called Porche (portia)

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Re: Who are you?

Post by GTI4DR » Sun 06 Jan, 2008 4:37 pm

Real Name: Will
Age: 21
Sex: M
Benz: 1983 Series 1 280SE
Occupation: IT Sales
Location: Geelong, Victoria
Interests other than Mercedes: Car audio, computers, cars, music,

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450 SEL 6.9
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Re: Who are you?

Post by StreekG » Sun 06 Jan, 2008 10:23 pm

Real name: Steven
Age: 20
Sex:: M
Benz Owned: 1978 W123 280CE was my first car at age 17 and sold it just a few months ago, currently own a 1988 500SEC Euro W126
Occupation: Tyre Technician
Location: Moorabbin
Interests other than Mercedes: Cars in general, Computers/games, club scene
Dream Car, unlimited budget: Lamborghini Murciélago
Dream Car that I have a chance of owning: W126 500/560SEC AMG Widebody

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