AMG service (Sydney Non-dealership)

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AMG service (Sydney Non-dealership)

Post by ngyeah » Tue 13 Feb, 2018 8:01 pm

Can anyone recommend some good places in Sydney that specialise in AMG servicing? (non-stealership)

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Re: AMG service (Sydney Non-dealership)

Post by AMG » Wed 14 Feb, 2018 6:51 pm

For an AMG vehicle, that's a pretty difficult question.
You need a singularly focused Mercedes-Benz specialist - absolutely. not a 'european car specialist'

But there are some generally accepted differences between stealership and independent workshops -

What exactly do you want to deviate from?
Dealer servicing cost?
fluids spec (and quality/brand)?
workmanship quality (stealership not satisfactory?)

Part of the 'Hard Facts of Life' when owning a modern AMG vehicle is that nearly all the bits that make the car an AMG, can only be purchased as genuine MB parts, through MB or a very experienced independent specialist MB parts supplier with access to MB HQ... So getting stung over the price of parts is something you should have been fully aware of - it's something you bought into when you purchased the vehicle. There are in many cases, no options that exist other than genuine items for many of the specific parts, but also many instances where aftermarket is not only poor quality, but has a knock-on effect of reducing the serviceable life of other components around it.

If you're trying to avoid dealer servicing costs, you may be in for a shock.
If you need service software updates, you will need access to a dealer's Star diagnostics Xentry/DAS unit, or a workshop with an ONLINE star diagnostics, so that the doagnostic unit can send & retrieve data from Germany.

Certain models - particularly vehicles with SBC and other high pressure hydraulic units require the diags computer to run a special fluid servicing unit to do the proper system flushes, and in some cases, the flushes consume ridiculous quantities of fluid (approx 4L in some cases with certain models with SBC etc) - which is why some dealer service costs appear to be 'ridiculous'. Most of the time, this is never explained to the customer, and the shock of the service costs can cause concern.

So your either looking for someone to cut corners, or your looking for someone who you feel will perform the work to a higher standard and cost less money than the stealership.

A good reputable independent specialist workshop can work on any mercedes - AMG or not. It matters not that the badge is on the vehicle. There are cases where factory tools are required to do certain jobs, and that's also a fact of life. Workshops who can service the vehicle outside of warranty should be capable enough to have a relationship with the dealer network to supply the genuine parts, or alternatively, you're on your own.

At the end of the day, it matters not who makes a recommendation - it's your vehicle and the work done to it can only be carried out if you agree to it. The attitude exhibited by a fellow enthusiast owner towards their vehicle and mechanic could be quite different to yours or your expectations from a mechanic.

The best thing to do, is find someone local to you, who is a specialist in mercedes - and only mercedes. Go and talk to them. Have a look around their workshop. If they do not invite you in, then perhaps go elsewhere. Be mindful of their OH&S policies, but be clear that you're not going to let anyone work on your car unless you can see how people are performing that work. I'd start with any recommendations from others here, who are in your local area and go and check them out. If you're not happy about the situation, you can simply leave - no harm, no foul.

You can also 'shop' a stealership - you do know that, right? ring the svc dept, ask them for a quote to do a service on whatever it is that you want done, and ask them for a price upfront. Then ask them what items that covers.
Many stealership service centres will do their best to look after you, but you're not going to get the royal treatment if you act like a prick. But you will also be able to quickly tell from the phone mannerisms of the service manager as to whether or not you're wasting your time with them, or if they are trying to gouge you.

A great example of high cost services are Brakes, rotors, pads, fluid services on brakes -these are expensive. They are AMG - so you pay the price for owning one. Shop around for OE (try forum sponsor) parts - but in many cases there are only genuine branded amg available - rotors are a good example of this in many cases - and if you have a vehicle with an AMG performance pakage, or carbon ceramic brakes - you're going to need a 44 gallon drum of KY-jelly to make sure there's minimal pain.

Other parts will simply be the same as the base model vehicle, and will have many different suppliers, and the quality differences can be equally different among any of them. Again, finding a parts supplier who understand the difference in quality (only comes with decades of experience) is why it sometimes pays to forget about internet parts shopping, and talk to someone who actually knows the industry.

If you provide your fellow members with a general area that you are willing to travel, then it may help others to provide their experiences.

There is a thread in the notifications section about workshop recommendations - worth reading, so you understand clearly that despite any references obtained here, that any work you have done to your vehicle is solely your responsibility, and it is your duty to do your due diligence when searching for a mechanic who will perform the work for you.

You always have the option of DIY - and there are many of us here who do that, simply because we prefer to. At the end of the day it's your choice, either way it's both time taken and money spent. How you wish to appropriate the relevant costs is up to you :laughing6: :occasion5:

One issue that is not addressed by the non-stealership service request for an AMG vehicle is the potential effect it will have on resale. Think carefully about this. That is not to say independent workshops don't do excellent work - but when people are shopping for an expensive vehicle, the dealer service history paperwork is very important. So too is the paperwork from any specialist mechanic. But if the vehicle is on the verge of warranty, and the service needs to be done, then you want it done by the stealership. Extended warranties are not generally available once the vehicle has been serviced outside of the MB stealership network - as stupid as that sounds, they are protecting their perceived brand value.

The worst news, is that regardless of how much you spend on maintaining this vehicle, the value is going to drop like a stone over the next 5 years - so maintaining service history is important, and any buyer will walk away from one that doesn't have a solid clean record.

Let us know where you're prepared to travel to and perhaps someone will chime in with a nearby workshop.
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