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Times have changed.

Posted: Sun 05 Nov, 2017 9:26 pm
by Ivanerrol
My mothers family hail from Euroa in Northern Victoria.
First settler came out from Ireland in 1852 and took up a Selection in Balmattum North of Euroa. The patriarch also became the one of the policeman of Euroa. His son followed him into the force but was dismissed for not actively chasing the Kelly Gang (Irish).

I was reading some old newspapers from Euroa and came across this tit-bit from October 1896.
Last Thursday afternoon Constable Roberston was called to investigate a man wandering around the vicinity of the township during the day without a hat. Thinking medical treatment would be necessary for the man, the constable took Dr. Sabelberg with him and found the man lying on the bank of Honeysuckle creek and who seemed to be suffering from sunstroke. After some treatment ordered by the doctor the man was ordered to be taken to Wangaratta hospital. On Saturday the man appeared to become worse so was conveyed to the Beechworth Asylum and was there declared a dangerous lunatic.
The moral of this story?

In the nineteenth century Police chased down and apprehended men without hats who were later condemned to be lunatics.
In the twenty first century police chase down and apprehend speeding motorists who are later condemned to be lunatics.

So... Make sure you drive within the speed limit and wear a hat. :dance: