LA911 - Big Star Drill Rig

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LA911 - Big Star Drill Rig

Post by gub » Sun 27 Apr, 2014 8:10 pm

I have just bought myself a small truck, (atleast that's what I told my wife), and I've named her Big Star.
Big Star weighs in at 11.5t, and I've found that she's a bit of a slow and top heavy beast to drive.
She's loaded up with a B40 drill rig, an ex coal explorer, and heavy on the front wheels, yes I managed to bog her, but thankgoodness for the body jacks :)
I intend to use her for some smaller geotechnical drilling.
As with some similar posts that I have seen, I am after detailed service manuals which seem hard to come by.
I intend to look after most of the mechanicals myself. Replacing the turbo is job number one. Whilst the engine has been well maintained, the hot side clearly hasn't been taken apart in a while, so it's heat and rust welded together. Looks like taking off the exhaust manifold holus bolus and into the workshop is the best bet.
Also has a very minor air leak which is 2nd job.
If anyone can point me in the right direction for manuals, electronic or paper I'd appreciate it.

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Re: LA911 - Big Star Drill Rig

Post by Mercmad » Mon 28 Apr, 2014 9:55 am

i had a mate with one of those years ago. His was only single rear wheeled though. The Low ratio axles make for a pretty slow drive alright but when working in the bush you wont need to worry about speed limits. :laughing6:
Your slowness is possibly the result of the turbo not working at all. there is a german Forum for 4x4 trucks and a few of the posters own these monsters. ... php?t=2830

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