Steering pump Fluid and filter for W116

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Cream 280SE
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Steering pump Fluid and filter for W116

Post by Cream 280SE » Sun 08 Jul, 2018 10:07 pm

Hello all

What is the correct and best power steering pump fluid to use for the W116 280se.

Also , the filter in the pump. Mine is like a round piece of hard cork or similar.

Can this still be purchased?


Henry Schuman
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Re: Steering pump Fluid and filter for W116

Post by Henry Schuman » Mon 09 Jul, 2018 12:39 am

Mercedes as well as most all car manufactures want you to use only their SPECIAL lubricants and fluids HOWEVER for over 40 years I have used and still do in all my older Benzes 1958-1989 plain old Automatic Transmission (Dextron 1 11 or 111) with ZERO problems ever.
Your Round Cork Like filter can be back flushed with a good Cleaner like BrakeKleen or naptha and or replaced and I think they are still available .
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