The Cream Machine is running!!

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The Cream Machine is running!!

Post by Cream 280SE » Sat 10 Mar, 2018 1:42 am

Hello all!

After 6 years of being stored in the original owners garage and me having it for the last 18 months, the old girl kicked over and kind of purs like a kitten!!

Have to say, I’m chuffed!! The amount of work and bits I’ve taken off and cleaned, replaced, looking at forums for answers and advice was well worth it.

My only concern is... I have a brand new water pump and thermostat in it. Radiator was flushed, I flushed the engine , so all was clean.

The engine starts to feel hot on top of the rocker cover. The radiator does not feel hot, so I’m not sure if the engine is being cooled properly.

I just placed normal water in , no coolant to get her running .

Could the thermostat not opening up?

The thermostat cover felt hot, but radiator was cool as a cucumber.i turned the engine off as didn’t want to damage engine.

How do I tell if coolant is flowing through engine to cool it?

What coolant is best for the 280se 1977 engine?

Thanks for any advice.

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Re: The Cream Machine is running!!

Post by mrkozzy » Sun 11 Mar, 2018 4:07 pm

If you run the engine with the radiator cap removed, (ie: before it builds up too much pressure and before it gets too hot) you can look down into the radiator and physically see if the water is moving.

This little video on youtube explains it all. Type into youtube the details below. If yours is like the video, your system is working fine. If not, you need to take it further.

------------ Radiator bubbles or normal coolant flow ??? ---------------
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