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turns over but no start

Posted: Sun 04 Mar, 2018 1:15 pm
by Cream 280SE
Hello All,

Ok, I have asked for advice regarding the 280se, 77 Model.

It now turns over in Neutral. Apart from replacing bits and pieces that a large service mechanic would do, I cannot understand why it won’t try to start.

The only thing I might have stuffed up on was when I placed a new dizzy cap and rotor on it. The original one was a black Bosch Dizzy Cap that actually had the numbers of each cylinder embossed on it so I knew where the leads were to be plugged into!

I purchased a brand new Dizzy Cap and Rotor, and was sent a brand called BREMI. This cap has no numbers on it so I may have plugged the leads into the wrong holes.

A- can anybody send me a photo to make sure mine are plugged into the right holes and—-

B- can anybody send me photos of where the remaining vacuum leads go after one has removed the anti pollution garbage these things came with please.

Thanks for any advice.



Re: turns over but no start

Posted: Mon 05 Mar, 2018 12:41 am
by Tony From West Oz
If you have the original Dizzy cap, then you have the key to where the leads go.