What is this under the passenger side of car?

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What is this under the passenger side of car?

Post by Dazza99 » Sun 28 Aug, 2016 7:30 pm

Hi all

I am new to this site, so hopefully will gain all information and places to obtain parts for my old girl!
Ok, I have a 1977 one owner 280 SE. Had been sitting in the origi al owners garage with about 15 litres of petrol for 4 years. It stunk!! Drained tank, have removed and am in process of getting it professional cleaned . I have flushed fuel lines, and I have noticed a fuel line that goes from the tank right up to a black canister which I assume is the charcoal canister. Now my question . These is a valve type device under the vehicle, passenger side more or less in line with fear passenger footwell. Now, can this device be bought new or can itbe cleaned? What is it for? Thanks Dazz

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Re: What is this under the passenger side of car?

Post by CraigB » Sun 28 Aug, 2016 10:15 pm

Welcome. I haven't had a W116 for a while, but i gather the black box is the vent - does it sit inside the boot somewhere? As for the valve device, are you inferring it is associated with fuel lines? I don't remember anything like that. It doesn't have brake lines going to it? If so could be a brake proportioning valve and if so I wouldn't bother with it unless you have a problem. A picture might help but you need 4 more posts and then you can do that.
Craig Baulderstone

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