W116 280sel engine conversion

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W116 280sel engine conversion

Post by scottb116 » Mon 08 Feb, 2016 6:41 pm

I have another post up about my car not starting or idling.
I'm just putting it out there, but if I can't get it to run, what are my options for engine conversions?
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Is there anyone out there to talk too?

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Re: W116 280sel engine conversion

Post by CraigB » Mon 08 Feb, 2016 10:26 pm

probably better in the mods section for response. If the question is that your car is not running and you want to get it running, any of the non-benz options is usually going to be a huge expense once fitted and registered - just lots of hours. And even to fit a benz v8, which should bolt in, by the time you get wiring, injection etc sorted, you need to love your car to not just buy a W116 V8 that is running. But anything is possible, just a matter of how much you want to spend and if you ever want to sell a non-original car. But just like hotrods etc. some people love the modifying and the cost is not of concern and good on 'em- its all about being happy and having fun. But see what others say.
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Re: W116 280sel engine conversion

Post by V8Finny » Mon 02 May, 2016 8:24 pm

If you can't get it running, you're getting the wrong help.....

That said,

If you have a W116 with no rust, Go the V8 !!!!!!

Put it this way.......A new Corolla would cost you $4k EVERY year just on interest, not to mention the cost of the professional counselling you would need for years to come......

spend $5k putting a V8 out of a rusted out 116 or 126, then just keep on smiling!!! :dance:
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Re: W116 280sel engine conversion

Post by hando+66 » Fri 29 Dec, 2017 10:38 pm

Late reply but I have a few 116 cars I'm thinking of selling, one has a very good 4.5 engine and gearbox. Let me know if you are still keen. Cheers, Dave

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