Anyone need a 450SEL radiator?

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Anyone need a 450SEL radiator?

Post by Sanford1946 » Mon 27 Jul, 2015 8:44 pm

The radiator in my precious 420SEL has become sad so I am going to replace it with one from those excellent people in Canberra. When I got up off the floor after Chris told me the price (I have to have it so the children must be sold ;-) he also mentioned that radiators for 450SELs are now impossible to find. Well, good people, I have a 450SEL in my small graveyard and it has what I think is a good radiator. And before you ask, no it won't fit the 4320 sadly. I drove the car into the graveyard and I have been using it for bits and pieces for our other 116. Is there a member who is in need of a radiator? It has the side mounted oil cooler and thermo fan and shroud. Given the cost of the radiator I have to buy I regret that it will NOT be "free to a good home" but it seems to me that if someone out there needs it, then I should pull it out of the car.
Let me know what you think.
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