attaching guards on 170s

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attaching guards on 170s

Post by CraigB » Mon 22 Apr, 2013 10:15 am

I have decided to at least assemble the guards onto my 170s. I got an off forum contact from somebody desperately looking for one - sounded nice on the phone and the sort of person i felt good about passing on to as custodian - not pushy and polite and seem to appreciated the good points of the car - so i took some photos from in its cramped position and he responded with "LOVE the colour, just like you I love the darker colour gives the car more of the prestige of the brand.
I am most definitely wanting to buy your 170s and if your not in a hurry I can wait until you have finished respraying the pagoda bonnet, the motorbike and the clubman." and "I will most likely come over and view/buy it" so i spent most of the first part of the school holidays shifting cars and making space and then laying out all the parts and photographing and describing and then sent this off to get this reply "I am very sorry to do this to you but unfortunately my finances have had a serious downturn and I am unable to purchase the vehicle from you at this time." but in a matter of weeks and we weren't talking big dollars........ Anyway - my judgement of character has been proven wrong again.

But while out, based on a recent sale on ebay - (you know, the real market and therefore price and not our panel of experts here!) - I figure with this work done i might give it a go there before tucking it back away. But it is a dismantled car and i figure if i just bolt the guards, bonnet, bootlid etc. back it will give a better look and if someone interstate buys the car they probably need to go back on for transport anyway.

So getting to the point - what piping would they have used. I know most vintage use plastic now and some times people will wrap with leather/vinyl. But to those that have dismantled an original 170, what did they use?
Craig Baulderstone

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Re: attaching guards on 170s

Post by Aegean » Mon 22 Apr, 2013 10:31 pm

Can't say what it was on a 170s (but will when I get around to putting it together) but on my 300b, it is a body colour vinyl. Quite easy to make if you have someone that is good with a sewing machine. You just need to put some form of piping inside, fold over and sew with about 20mm overlap to allow it to bolt into the body. You just need to cut around where the bolts go and keep it aligned as you pull everything together.

This might give you an idea
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