NZ Roads

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NZ Roads

Post by cuisses » Wed 30 Jan, 2013 8:32 pm

Just returned from 16 days cycling around the South Island of New Zealand. Saw almost no Mercedes worth speaking about. Nothing old, except a G-wagon (if you can call that "old"). However, almost at the end of the trip I was climbing the Takaka Hill (a total bastard of a climb, 10 km + up), when coming down the other way was a wonderful W136 (two tone, cream and tan). It must have been in good shape to do that climb - almost made the trip for me.

I will say one thing about NZ roads - the surfaces are almost perfect. No potholes to speak of, and you really notice such things on a bicycle. They leave our roads for dead.
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Re: NZ Roads

Post by Mercmad » Fri 01 Feb, 2013 8:56 am

Of course the roads are perfect... So is everything else except for the lack of money... :laughing6: ha ha ha :laughing6:
I was working with guy once who built roads ( a lot of kiwis in OZ work on those road gangs at night) and he would be commenting all the time on the road as we drove on it. But I learned one thing, when it stops raining, Look at the puddles on a road. It's just like painting a car,you look for the low spots. A lot of puddles means a poor quality road. look at the roads near year you next rainy day and watch how the water flows off.

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