overheating d-jet 350

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overheating d-jet 350

Post by CraigB » Wed 19 Nov, 2014 10:05 am

I did do a search on this in this forum and couldn't find anything specific, so maybe this will become a thread others may refer to in the future. And I know the history of Lurch and chasing overheating problems that has me a little nervous!

The car has been completely normal on normal days but last week we had a couple of hot days in Adelaide and sitting in traffic the needle started to rise. On the F deg guage it has been sitting about midway, below the 200 but the needle while sitting went well above the 200 and I was at Sturt rd/ South rd where it seems mandatory to sit through 3 changes of lights to get through while . Once moving it came back down steadily and then to rise again when sitting.

Once home I opened the bonnet and it did have that 'hot' feel to it - put my hand near the motor and felt like a good flow being pulled through by the fan so I think the clutch is working on it, then the electric did cut in but it was really high on the gauge by then. What temp should that cut in at? Its a bit hard to get you hand near the radiator to see if any cooler 'blocked' portions. Fluid level remains normal and no visible leaks - no apparent blow off by say a weak cap.

Also to me it seems to take a long time to warm up. It took something like 15km, including traffic the other day for it to reach normal. So I am wondering about a stuck thermostat? Stuck midway so it is open and takes a while to warm up but then when it gets hotter and needs to open wider not allowing the flow it needs to maintain temp but with increased air flow and the slower water flow it slowly brings it back?

Any other ideas appreciated. I just thought I would put out the call for ideas/experiences first but thinking I will drain the fluid, check thermostat in a saucepan, or better still change in one I have checked in case something intermittent and do my air slide (see other post) while at it.
Craig Baulderstone

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