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rear caliper

Post by CraigB » Sun 12 Oct, 2008 12:00 am

This is about a rear ATE caliper on my W113. I decided to give the 113 a run at the last sprint of the year just for fun and partly to get my head around what to do about brakes on the W116.

I am going to give a set of EBC reds a run in the car and see how they go. I am told they will work well from cold and while they are not going to be as high temp as say the QFM comp 3, they are much higher temp than other road pads. My problem has always been that I want to be able to drive to the track and not get caught up in a pad changing exercise there, and also it concerns me that with only one warm up and 4 running laps, that my rears may not get up to temp (some of the sprinters run a hybrid of pads front to rear for this reason). If the EBC's will handle it, they are possibly a good compromise.

Anyway, to my problem. I fitted pads to one side, pistons went back nicely and the pads in there haven't done much work anyway so not far to go back. Other side, one piston back nicely and the other would only go back so far. The pad wear was even, sometimes with a siezed piston it will be uneven. But nothing I could do (eg tyre lever) would push the piston back so off came the caliper. Pistons weren't too bad to get out and there doesn't appear to be much corrosion, certainly not on the pistons themselves. With the rubbers out, same old one side went in, other seemed to hit some kind of stop. Swapped pistons - same thing!

There is a pin in the caliper and some sort of collar looking thing in the piston. What does this do? Is it really necessary (ie, I am pretty sure the Alfa ATE calipers don't have it). Mucking about with it more I found that it almost seems like when you push hard it is against a spring and then it is like a clip hanging on to it again.

Have checked the online manual and can't find anything about dismantling calipers and it doesn't seem to refer to ATE anyway. My haynes 113 manual doesn't mention anything special either.

I really want to get this pads in and well bedded, so any assistance appreciated.
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