No longer a pagoda virgin

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No longer a pagoda virgin

Post by drew56cus » Mon 28 Jan, 2008 9:39 pm

I don't normally psot in this area as I only have lowly finnies, but my luck changed this afternoon when Bob (hands_aus) dropped around in his beautiful 230SL. It has been our first sunny weekend in Brisbane for quite a while, so the roof was off too. It is by far the prettiest car that has ever graced our driveway. But it got better... Bob offered me a drive around the block!
The first thing I noticed was how 'conditioned' I am to driving closed in cars. I reveresed on the driveway, and put my head out the window so I could see in reverse - completely forgetting that I was in a convertible! The sense of space was astounding. Then I noticed the exhaust note - a lovely little rasp to it, quite unlike the finnies. And the way it drove was superb - everything felt supremely balanced and in sync with all the other bits - the steering was great, the brakes nice, the seats comfy, and everywhere you look is so easy on the eye. I recalled seeing a Top Gear review by Jeremy Clarkson of these cars, and remember how he was raving about it. Well now I know why. The car is such a great package, with everything working together in harmony.

So thank you Bob for an experience that I will not forget. Though I bet my wife will wish I would - I have already started on telling her how good she would look in one, and how much she would like it!!

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Re: No longer a pagoda virgin

Post by OzBenzHead » Mon 28 Jan, 2008 10:18 pm

drew56cus wrote: [...] my wife will wish I would - I have already started on telling her how good she would look in one, and how much she would like it!!
That's the way, laddie - butter her up, appeal to her vanity! :D :D :D

As my (long-ex) wife used to say: "Flattery will get you underwear". (Wasn't always true, but she did let me collect a ridiculous number of cars - which she later appropriated!)

I reckon the Pagoda is by far the prettiest, best balanced-looking post-War sports convertible from M-B. One super-classy Classic. 8)
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Re: No longer a pagoda virgin

Post by hands_aus » Tue 29 Jan, 2008 10:41 pm

Hey Drew,
It was great to be a passenger while you experienced the fun I have each time I drive the 'little one' called Snowy.
Pagoda ownership is addictive, I suppose you have noticed how obsessed I am.
There are so many things that I like about the car.
It is an ongoing project.
It does drive great with a peppy responsive engine.
The great exhaust note burbles but becomes unnoticeable when you get up to 60mph.
Thanks for the kind words.
cheers, mate
Bob Smith

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Re: No longer a pagoda virgin

Post by bdekretser » Thu 07 Feb, 2008 1:44 pm


You have now caught the "Pag" bug, thanks to Bob. Now, like the rest of us, your life will never be the same till you own one. Took me years, keep looking around and one day you will find one. My only advice, when you find one, don't worry about mechanical bits, just make sure all trim items are complete as these are very hard and exepnsive if available.

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