Twin exhaust for a 3.5...what are the consequences

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Twin exhaust for a 3.5...what are the consequences

Post by SMOKEZ » Fri 06 Jan, 2006 5:27 pm

Hi everybody again,

Want to quickly wish everybody a happy new year to all.....especially those who respond to my silly questions! but here goes.......

having the small V8, i love the original note on the exhaust side of things....especially at WOT!

Now i got myself thinking while looking at the original set up of the exhaust starting from the twin pipes from either side of the engine straight into a huge muffler then with the twin pipes leading into a smaller muffler and finally exiting out to a twin tip..........

Now the question is...... Will it be possible to have the exhaust pipes exit at either side of the 108 as apose to it exiting at the drivers side only???? which will look like a 600 Grosser!

Has anyone done it before?? OR does anyone know who has??

And if so,

How would the system look like??
Would there be any positive or negative power added to the V8??
Better yet! Roughly how will it sound with everyday driving??

Im not after the Harley Fat Boy note.....but something thats a bit more grumpier!

The end result is purely for looks rather then go as if i wanted power i'll go down the forced induction side of things..... within the next 12 months :twisted:

But just for now i only have a tiny finances to play with my toy!

Thnx again to everybody!

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Post by ADow » Fri 06 Jan, 2006 6:12 pm

Bigtoys in Sydney do a double exhaust for the 6.3 like the 600. So it can be done. Go to the BigToys site,
and there is a pic. Looks kewl.
For a more V8-like noise, remove the final smaller muffler and replace with pipe. Probably won't make any big difference to the power but it will sound more V8ish.
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Post by Simon Dove » Sun 08 Jan, 2006 9:48 pm

I was under the w109 a few weeks ago and was surprised to see a twin exhaust system from the block to the pipe. I was thinking a twin 2 inch system was a tad free flowing for a 3.5 v8.

I have no doubt Shultz the MB exhaust man engineered/flowed this system to perfection, however has anyone fitted a single system? I would be interested to hear how it performs


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