Ashtray light

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Ashtray light

Post by bahnstormer109 » Sun 04 Dec, 2005 10:20 pm

Alastair, in response to your post in General Chat- Original, Modified or Custom?,

the 108/ 109's ashtray HAS a light. its next to the ignition inside the dash shining away onto nothing in our right hand drive cars. if you pull out your dash ashtray youll see a little window on the top where the light is meant to shine through but the light was not moved for the right hand drive cars and was left in the left hand drive position and it actually shines at night, just not into anything in particular. it hasnt got a bulb itself but is a little reflector box that draws the light from the bulb that illuminates the fan/heater levers.

i discovered this when i pulled out my dash wood to refinish it and drove the car for a while with a bare dash. i was pretty annoyed that benz didnt bother changing this for the right hand drive cars.

the little bulbs i mentioned before though are only in the dash ashtrays and only in the 114 onwards models when the cars got a centre console.

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