Rather dumb distributor question

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Rather dumb distributor question

Post by ADow » Tue 23 Aug, 2005 1:32 pm

I have just purchased from John Green a new distributor cap, rotor and 8 new plug leads. The insulation on the old ones is deteriorating. The question is, how do you install the plug leads in the right order. I had planned to do it in a two stage process - removing the old plug leads one by one and replacing each one with a new one, and then replacing the old distributor cap with the new one, after marking the position of each lead on the cap.
The only problem is that the (probably original) leads go through a tight rubber sheath - one for the four leads going to the LH bank, and another for the four leads going to the RH bank. This makes it impossible to work out which lead goes to which plug.
There must be a simple solution to this :oops:
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Post by O319-coach » Tue 23 Aug, 2005 4:45 pm

Mark the old leads 1>>8 and then unscrew the ends off the leads, pull out of sleeve and install in rerverse
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