Kent finds a couple of W126 Coupes...but passes up!

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Kent finds a couple of W126 Coupes...but passes up!

Post by KimB » Mon 07 May, 2018 1:59 pm

Is Kent Bergsma right here or not? Checks out a couple of SEC's but passes up on buying. ...

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Re: Kent finds a couple of W126 Coupes...but passes up!

Post by Ivanerrol » Mon 07 May, 2018 5:55 pm

Probably correct in the US.
But in ROW???

I met a man last Sunday who has a hobby of finding old US cars, basically fixing them up and exporting them back to the US - a nice little earner.
He travels to the US quite a bit and mentions that any car that’s not in California or a Southern dry state deteriorates very quickly.

Kent is up in rust bucket territory Seattle.
Having said that. There’s no excuse leaving an expensive German luxury car on a trailer out in the open - subject to snow - for years.
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Re: Kent finds a couple of W126 Coupes...but passes up!

Post by kimrh » Tue 08 May, 2018 12:34 am

Unbelievable - the spark plug holes in the heads are so badly stripped of thread it blew a spark plug right out whilst driving. Could only happen in USA where so many of these W126's were traded down the line and eventually fell into the wrong hands where they were treated so badly and terribly neglected and no money spent on them until end up run into the ground and end up being scrapped as a parts car or crushed.
The US cash for clunkers period post GFC brought many neglected or with mechanical issues out of the woods and into wrecking yards to raise some cash and there was a period where parts were rife but not any more over there.

Good examples sell for around US$10k so those examples in the video really are just parts cars over there now with the issues they have as used cars are a plenty and cheap.

Most of the general public have absolutely no understanding of a 80's European car and get a shock at cost of spare parts (as used to how cheap local made cars are and how very cheap and plentiful parts are) so there is now only a unique band of enthusiasts that are prepared to sink cash into them to keep them alive and well.

True AMG versions are a different story where they are hunted down by dedicated enthusiasts and collectors.
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Re: Kent finds a couple of W126 Coupes...but passes up!

Post by ngruzevs » Tue 15 May, 2018 8:33 am

Guess the price says it all $1500 & $2000 USD.

I still pity those unsuspecting buyers who think they've bought a bargain, guess it's buyer beware.
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