1990 (biult 1989) W126 300SE HVAC issues

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1990 (biult 1989) W126 300SE HVAC issues

Post by landylro » Mon 30 Apr, 2018 1:39 pm

I have 2 primary issues with my HVAC;
1/ No air comming from the passenger or driver side vents, far side vents ( should these have outside air, air from the aircon seems to come thru the centre left/right vents fine)
2/Hot air comes from the footwell vents irrespective of the temperature setting.

I dont feel up to removing the dash given the involved pictures I have seen , I have done a lot to this car valve seals all suspension rebush on front assembly rebiult power/steering/susp pump but the dash removeal and diagnostic process related to this HVAC system seems beyond my humble abilities so if anyone can reccomend a good MB shop in Melb or North Melb that knows these W126 HVAC's I will need to get it done by them ( Yes for a couple of grand easy I guess, please do reccomend someone).

Hopefully these are simple :-) if such a thing exists on a W126.

rgds an thks

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