What is OZBENZ?

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What is OZBENZ?

Post by bruceT » Wed 22 Jun, 2005 6:50 pm

Welcome to OZBENZ
The OZBENZ forums for Australian and New Zealand owners and fans of classic Benz vehicles has been active in a number of forms since late 2001.

Back then it was in the form of an email list and was known as "OZ VETS". In 2005, It had outgrown the mailing list style format, and really became necessary for the list to evolve to the more modern web-based forum format.

So for a short time it continued as 'OZ VETS' in the new forum format. in late 2005 a vote was taken amongst members and subsequently the name was changed to OZBENZ at this point - to reflect the group's special interest in Mercedes Benz vehicles.
As there was also a need to relocate hosting, MB Spares in Canberra, Australia agreed to sponsor the forum and provide hosting for the site under it's domain.

By 2007 the OZBENZ forum had steadily grown to a point where it dominated the 'work/life balance' for John and his staff so Joe B agreed to take on administrative hosting responsibilities and develop the site further on John's behalf. And thus the OZBENZ forum was formalized. OZBENZ was relocated to a permanent home with its' own domain space and here we have resided since 2007.

OZBENZ continues to be a successful forum built on strong contributions of technical information from it's membership and it is this information and the friendly atmosphere in the forums that continue to gain favour with newcomers both experienced in the marque as well as the complete novice and the mechanically curious.

OZBENZ is a friendly, knowledgeable, good natured and enthusiastic group which welcomes gurus and total beginners alike. If you own or would like to own a classic Mercedes car or commercial vehicle, you would very welcome to join us and take part in discussions.

These forum pages are kindly sponsored by MB Spares in Canberra, Australia.

MB Spares supplies parts for Mercedes-Benz vehicles at very competitive prices and has a nationwide (and overseas) parts freight service.

Phone 1300 787 300 toll-free (from landline in australia - mobiles extra) for parts enquiries.

From Overseas phone +61 2 6239 1099 GMT+10 or email [url=mailto://spares@mbspares.com.au?subject=OZBENZ%20forum%20parts%20enquiry]MB Spares Parts Enquiry[/url]

Don't forget to include your Chassis No with all parts enquiries!

Don't forget to bookmark our site!


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