Membership Information & Terms of Use - Stop here first...

Newcomers Please stop here first.
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Membership Information & Terms of Use - Stop here first...

Post by AMG » Mon 11 Feb, 2008 10:46 pm

Are you an OZBENZ Noob?

Here are the OZBENZ forum guidelines for all members.

The Forums terms of service are posted here for those who are new to the world of online forums and those who are also seasoned users, or peraps visiting OZBENZ for the first time and contemplating becoming a registered member.

We have to have rules... (ugh)

It's an unfortunate circumstance and a byproduct of the forum experiencing unsavoury behaviour in the past, so as OZBENZ evolves, so do the terms of service below, which you agree to abide by, through your becoming a registered member. These terms and conditions are in addition to the generic terms of service you agree to abide by before completing your forum registration.
Every forum has a generic terms of use / service agreement and OZBENZ is no different.

Please note we are lucky in that we generally do not have to enforce these rules very often, as the general membership's behaviour is friendly and congenial. We'd also like to keep it that way, so don't behave like a spoiled brat, for your own sake. :occasion5:

Where do I start?
Post your introduction here. Tell us a little bit about why you like your Mercedes-Benz, or if you don't have one yet, Tell us what you would like to own.

It always helps to fill in your user profile, via the user control panel, as it helps users to reply to your posts with content relevant to your general location. There is a lot of content on the forum, and although it is at your fingertips, you may have to drive a long way if you don't let people know roughly where you are - so filling in some basic information in your user control panel (user profile) is an excellent way to ensure your requests do not go ignored or unanswered.

It is mandatory that your email address remains valid during your entire membership period. If you change email, it is your responsibility to make that change in the user control panel. The PM, email and notification system utilize the address you provide. You are in control of receiving any/all/none of these memos from other members, however Administrators will use your email to notifiy you of any account-related issues.

If the Admin team detect repetitive error log messages relating to the use of an invalid email address, then the member will have their access revoked. If the user account is found subsequently to be linked to spam or PM abuse, the account will be deleted without warning and the IP address banned permanently.

It's widely recognized that spam and PM abuse on forums globally constitute 80% of administrative overhead, and OZBENZ has a zero tolerance policy on spam abuse. Any account linked to spam abuse will be permanently deleted, blacklisted with our host and on the ROSKO spam register.

The basic 'rules of engagement' of this forum are simple.

Please keep your content 'G' rated.

OZBENZ does not condone the use of excessive profanity, nor does it condone the use of deliberate defamatory content directed towards other forum members. It is not a place to post content that is unsuitable for viewing in a workplace environment.
Posting explicit or otherwise offensive or inappropriate content is not tolerated. If your post is found to be in breach of this condition, it will be removed without consultation by either the moderators or administrators. If a users behaviour is found to be of a repetitive disrespectful nature, the user shall be banned from the forum permanently without recourse.

If you have a problem or technical question, please ensure you ask your question in the relevant board, if the question is specific to your vehicle.
There are boards which cover most every model.
If you can't find an appropriate board or if you have a problem with general forum usage, The General section is the best place to start. The General section is not for model specific questions.


Forums can be wonderful references. IF you know how to use them properly !

OZBENZ has a huge depth of technical information.
Many other Mercedes-Benz fora like to take content from this forum and use it without reference or acknowledgement. Don't be surprised by this, internet users do not have very good manners on the whole.
Your posts are automatically indexed for searching by other registered users as soon as you click 'submit'.
If you're looking for a solution to a problem, or digging up an old discussion topic, rather than ask a second/third/eleventy-bilionth time, please use the search function (top right hand corner of every page) to help you find what you're looking for.
If you can't find it, your reference terms may not be correct, so try changing them to a slightly broader term. If that doesn't work, chances are it hasn't been posted, so feel free to post / ask away...

Being a New Member doesn't mean we assume you know nothing about Mercedes-Benz automobiles.
OZBENZ encourages every user to be active, and participate in the discussions on the forum. It is only through your contribution that we improve the knowledge base that is OZBENZ, so feel free to add as much of your experience as you like!

OZBENZ is not an 'Old farts' forum. Respect is a mutual thing, and around here, everybody gets an equal amount.
This is not a point to be lost, but one to be remembered by both young and old alike.

It is okay to have a difference of opinion, but it is not okay to show a lack of respect towards other members.

Administrators and Moderators hold a fairly dim view towards those who deliberately agitate and upset other members, and if your posts are found to not be in keeping with the general good spirited, polite nature of the forum, you may find your registration revoked and being banned from participation.

The OZBENZ forums are not a place to promote your own mercedes-benz based business.

The forum sponsor considers this a conflict of interest, and shameless self-promotions from individuals have a negative effect on the maintenance and continuance of this forum for ALL users. Ozbenz does not seek revenue from external advertising sources, and is run fully non-profit. The benefit to members are independent technical advice, free from corporate capitalist intervention.

OZBENZ is not responsible for any users recommendation of a particular workshop or service.
Additionally, users who make recommendations should only do so based on the fact they are also responsible for their recommendation. Again, OZBENZ is not responsible for user recommendations, so it is advisable to do your own homework regarding any potential agency you wish to employ.
OZBENZ are happy to allow users with exceptionally positive experiences to make recommendations about a supplier where an established customer relationship can be proven. A lack of recommendation for any particular entity should serve as a warning to a member. Caveat Emptor as they say....

Whilst we welcome positive feedback about workshops or services, we expressly deny you permission to publicly name and shame them on this forum.

Why you ask?

Should you name and shame a workshop or service, it will firstly attract action which at worst could see your access removed without warning and at best see a formal warning being logged in case there are further instances..
There is a specific thread for workshop recommendations. Please use this thread for discussion about workshops and keep all conversation on topic. unrelated posts will be removed from the topic without notification.

If someone asks about a business, workshop or individual and you have a negative opinion, we suggest you say "I will contact you via PM" or use the forums email function to contact the person asking.
If you have an issue with a business, or workshop individual and wish to share it with the forum, you shall title your thread "I have had a negative experience with a business in suburb ABC of state XYZ. If you wish to obtain further information please use the PM system to contact me about this experience."

Anything else that either specifically identifies the business, workshop, individual or hints/ implies a business name will be treated as a breach of the rules.
You are free to elicit responses by inviting interested parties to respond via Private Message should they require any further information on matters covered by this rule.

OZBENZ urges forum members who have grievances with workshops or suppliers to sort out their issues outside of this forum.
Don't bring your complaints about a workshop into the forum as we simply won't tolerate it and the post will be removed.
If you have a legitimate complaint about work carried out, you should contact your state's department of fair trading or the Motor trades authority in your state and raise your grievance through the correct channels.

Forum Members are certainly free to report their cases of recorded convictions or breaches of their states laws regarding motor vehicle repairers, where there has been an official recorded finding to the administration team, who can then post a notice on behalf of the forum member. Under no circumstances is a forum member allowed to post an unsolicited notification relating to a matter of this type. Please contact the admins if you wish to publish an official notification.

Don't use the forum as a place to vent your anger. Understand that you are responsible for every word you type, and that once you click the submit button, it stays on the internet forever.
That also means people whom you may have (unintentionally) offended can read your statements, years from now- and may at their own discretion, instigate legal procedings against you (not the forum). So obviously we urge you to use common sense and think with a level head before you type. It's generally not a good idea to drink & type, just like it isn't a good idea to drink & drive... Spilling your drink on the computer has consequences !!!

By using this forum you acknowledge that posts that are deemed to be in conflict of the forums interests can and will be removed should you not seek prior approval from the Forum administration. If you are unsure about a post which may result or have potential to be conflicting in interests of the forum, then send it to the forum administrators who will then openly discuss content and clarify any potential points of conflict prior to any subject matter being posted.

Spam posting is prohibited and will result in immediate and permanent user /IP address bans.

Even though these guidelines are not policed in an unfair manner by OZBENZ admin staff, those who do violate the general accepted usage will likely find themselves ostracized or ignored by the majority, through the internets' own 'self-regulatory' effect, which often leads to admins being notified or a complaint by members to admin or mod team staff.

So, with all that 'formality' out of the way, we do hope you find the OZBENZ forum useful as a technical resource and a friendly meeting place for all your Mercedes-Benz related matters.

Thank-you and Enjoy the Forum!
OZBENZ Administration.


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