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New member - Interested in purchasing a W123 - VIC

Post by W123fan » Sun 12 Nov, 2017 8:02 pm

Hi all,

Thank you for allowing me to join your forum. I have been fortunate enough to have either helped myself or my family Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the last 5 years.

First I recommended my younger cousin to get a W124 300E. He ended up with a burgendy W124 300E 24v. A wonderful car that has taken him from Clayton, to Pakenham, to Warrnambool, to Canberra and back to Melbourne. The car has been utterly faithful to him.

Second, I recommended a B180 CDi to a distant aunt and she loves driving it.

Third, I purchased an A45 AMG and it was magnificent. But I kept hankering for my dream car which I currently own. But the A45 was unbelievable.

Now, my partner and I are looking for a reliable car with character. And the W123 has been my favourite affordable Benz. Built like a tank, and good to drive, my favourite is the S123 Wagon. My partner doesn't like the wagon but likes the sedan. So I am seeing if there's a low km W123 230E or 230TE. Diesels aren't her thing, and we could be interested in a 280E/CE/TE. No rust and being well looked after and being an automatic are must haves.

I'm in South East Melbourne and look forward to hearing about your cars. Thanks and kind regards,

Previously owned

2014 Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG Mountain Gray

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