2008 W204 C200k 722.6 Transmission Service

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2008 W204 C200k 722.6 Transmission Service

Post by stefcep » Sat 29 Sep, 2018 12:25 pm

After finding out the engine oil had not almost certainly not been changed contrary to the dealer stamp, I started to wonder "what else?"

So I drained the transmission fluid and dropped the pan. The fluid was black. It was supposed to have been serviced 20k km's ago. No filings or metal in the pan. I got out 3.3 litres of fluid.

I saw that there is a torque converter drain hole but there was a bracket in the way, and I wasn't sure how to turn the engine so that the drain bolt came around. My brother services his W210 E240 by opening the transmission line at the radiator so went that route.

We needed a thin shifter spanner to slowly undo the nut that connects the line to the transmission. Some coolant came out. It was clear, like water. Attached a clear hose to the line and the other end in to an old clean empty coolant bottle that had measurement markings on its side.

We filled up the tranny 3.3 litres and then ran the engine just enough to get out about 1 litre ( we measured). The fluid coming out was black. Put back the same amount of fresh fluid. 10 litres later the fluid came out wine red. We used genuine Mercedes Benz fluid 2x5 litres at about $75 each. Fuch's Titan ATF 4134 is supposed to be OK as well Penrite ATF FS but for an extra $3 per litre I went genuine.

Unfortunately the dipstick showed above the maximum, even when cold. We over-filled, but didn't check before the level before we drained so maybe it was over-filled to begin with. Drained the pan again. Eventually settled at half way between max and min, and it never goes under min even when cold or above max when hot. Needed about 300 ml less.

A tip if anyone drains from the line at the radiator. Re-attaching the line is easier if the line is detached from its clip at the bottom where it has flexible hose because otherwise the line is tensioned and is pulled out from the nut. It did take what seemed a too many turns to tighten enough to stop the coolant leaking.

We then tackled the coolant since it looked it was mostly water. Surprisingly I used a single 1.5 litre bottle coolant due to the small coolant system capacity. If interested I posted it here:

https://www.benzworld.org/forums/w204-c ... flush.html

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Re: 2008 W204 C200k 722.6 Transmission Service

Post by PunkJr » Fri 07 Dec, 2018 11:57 pm


Scott does some good stuff on the Youtube

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