B200 turbo towing

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B200 turbo towing

Postby sunter27 » Sun 12 Mar, 2017 7:31 pm

Hi...I am looking to downgrade from my heavy Pajero / 21' caravan combo and buy a Bailey lightweight caravan to tow with my B200 turbo.
The Handbook specs say I can tow 1500 kg ( braked) and a max. towball weight of 75kg.
The 'van I'm looking at has a Tare of 920 kg and GVM 1060 kg with 60 kg towball weight. I haven't worked out the GCM yet.
Do any of you see any issues with this idea? I see plenty of examples of this combination in the UK. I don't intend to tour with this 'van ( been there , done that ) but just travel a couple of hundred clicks to holiday parks.

Cheers Sunter
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