Rusty Rocker Panels (Sill)

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Rusty Rocker Panels (Sill)

Post by Baldrick56 » Fri 01 Jun, 2018 8:36 pm

So when I got my 300E I said the verdict on whether it was a bargain or a lemon was awaited:

Looks like its veering more towards lemon. Despite my clambering underneath (as much as you can when it's sat on the road) and looking at all the metalwork the combination of a bumpy drive back home plus (I think) me rodding out the sunroof draintubes has revealed rust around (at least the nearside) jacking points (under a skillfully applied layer of bog). Logic says I should probably scrap the thing, or at least salvage the good bits & find myself a better shell but you know what - I'm obstinate. So day before yesterday I displaced one of the other 'prides & joys,' hauled it indoors, jacked it up one side (not by the jacking points :banghead:) & laid into it with a disc cutter. The rust is relatively localised - around the front jacking point & aft of the rear one, extending into the rear wheelarch. So I've now cut out all the rust on the outer sill, cleaned up & painted the inner sill / wheelarch. Also beaten into (better) shape the passenger footwell floorpan which was a little distorted.
above are the horrors revealed (interestingly the rear wheelarch section has been repaired before - welding looks passable but little or no attention seems to have been given to rustproofing the internal side :naughty:)

and below after a couple of days attention

so far 'piece of cake' but (as Basil said) "now for the tricky bit"
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