What is it about your W124 that appeals to you?

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Christo C
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What is it about your W124 that appeals to you?

Post by Christo C » Sat 23 Mar, 2019 8:16 pm

Following the seemingly popular topic “What is it about your W126 that appeals to you?” I thought it would be fun to discuss the same about W124 ......

My W124, a 1986 230E Sedan “Janis” is my love and joy.

I particularly like that she is solid, beautifully engineered, comfortable, has almost perfect original Duco (despite a few ‘honest’ blemishes and trolley dents), no rust at all, burns no oil, and still glides like an angel, especially on country trips, despite her 33 years and 300,000+km.

The one fault she has is a loose baffle in the middle exhaust Muffler; but it makes me smile; as I accelerate gently it sounds like growly tin cans rattling, as towed behind a Wedding vehicle 😂.

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Re: What is it about your W124 that appeals to you?

Post by TheMadRacoon » Sat 23 Mar, 2019 9:20 pm

I've been in a W124 only once, as a rear passenger in a 200 manual overseas which felt very torquey and fast.

The other W124....was at the wreckers. The whole interior looked like new (and the design is still very modern). And the sheer quality was apparent in the way the front passenger door opened and closed. Very similar yet still very different to a W116 or W126. They seem to be constructed differently... with a beautiful result.

Love to drive one.
A W124 300E or W126 300SE? The choice is difficult.
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Re: What is it about your W124 that appeals to you?

Post by KimB » Sun 24 Mar, 2019 10:39 am

What appeals to me about the W124s is that they look like a shortened version of the W126! :laughing5:

Christo you'll have to start your version of the W126 Fellow Nutters Group! :wav:
W126 Fellow Nutter
Ps I do like the W124 300CE coupe.
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Re: What is it about your W124 that appeals to you?

Post by CraigB » Sun 24 Mar, 2019 1:59 pm

This is an interesting one having declared my eternal love for the W126. I've only had a short relationship with the 124 but been very impressed so far but in different ways. The 300TE doesn't have the same ambience of the 560SEL but then its so much more practical in many ways and has its own ambience. Once you have had a wagon, any sedan has you missing that ability to just chuck stuff in the back. Still has a really solid feel but maybe not as much of that 'gliding' feeling. I guess it seems about the right size where a 126, if you are honest, is a bit excessive - but I love a bit of excess.

Most of my 124 driving has been on the open road with long stints of driving and I don't think you would come out that fresh in a lot of cars, The 1990 TE is replacing a 2002 Peugeot wagon and as i was shown through special features of the TE, there was nothing on the later car that the earlier one didn't have and it had more and did it better - silly things like somewhere to put your headrests when you put the back seat down flat, a pain in the Pug but a special slot in the TE.

Particularly on the open road I missed the 560 engine and found myself pressing hard on the accelerator at times to make things happens when i could just 'breath' on the 560 and while it used less fuel, it didn't seem proportionate to me - gentle throttle on a 560 is surprisingly economical - but not fair comparison having a significant leak on a pressured fuel line under the car in the 300. I need to see if i get used to it but a bit more response would be nice and i wonder if a bit of tweaking with say frankencis might make a big difference. But then i love the originality of this car and don't want to mess with it.

I think I need a few more kms to get to know the 124 and chances are for everyday use i might find myself preferring to jump in the 124 over the 126..... but still want the ability to hop in that 560SEL and really treat myself!
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Re: What is it about your W124 that appeals to you?

Post by Scabriolet » Tue 26 Mar, 2019 8:09 am

I love the lines of the W124 - all models. Elegant but practical.
I especially like the shape of the A124 Cab, and being 6'6" tall, it has acres of headroom even with the top up. Much more than the coupe.

The M104 engine just sings above 3900 rpm and is another source of delight. Negatives unique to the cabriolet are excessive weight (it's the heaviest of all models by quite a margin), scuttle shake and rattles - despite all the extra reinforcement and resulting weight.

I suspect I'm a bit fortunate in that everything works, all the electrics: roof, windows, seats, antenna, aircon, blower, even seat heaters. A new convenience module, which controls the roof, windows etc. was fitted by the previous owner. These are no longer available!

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Re: What is it about your W124 that appeals to you?

Post by brette013 » Wed 05 Jun, 2019 2:04 am

I like that its a subtly stylish car that's such a nice place to sit in when driving, with all of its German details and quirks. It's enough to keep up with modern cars yet handles alright with heavy duty shocks and decent tyres, but even driving my coupe slowly is fun which I can't say about many cars out there.

Paraphsing a Road & Track article I'd say its a durable design, but with old age and mileage not absolutely reliable. But that's fine, mechanical parts are available and they're not impossible to fix.

What I don't like is my head almost touching the roof in my 300CE-24 and that the gearbox can be rather slow to shift. Plus all the money fixing expensive stuff... :crybaby:

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