Clearing transmission code E320 Melbourne

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Clearing transmission code E320 Melbourne

Postby axeman74 » Sun 28 May, 2017 11:21 pm

First up, car in question is a 1998 W210 E320 V6 wagon with 722.6 transmission.

So, I recently put my W210 in storage for 6 weeks. Car was running perfectly when parked, trans shifting fine, but the battery was showing signs of weakening. When I went to pick it up, barely started and then threw a bunch of lights on the dashboard. Worse, it was stuck in limp mode, and wouldn't shift out of 2nd gear. Typical signs of a dead battery.

I changed the battery and that got rid of the dash lights, but it is still stuck in 2nd. I am pretty sure all it needs is for the trans computer to be reset or the code cleared, but my generic OBD2 scanner won't do it. I looked at buying an iCarsoft MB2 scanner for this and future use for my other Benz, but apparently that won't clear W210 trans codes either!

So anyone know another way of getting the trans out limp mode after battery failure? Or anyone know someone who can clear the code in the north of Melbourne? Every workshop I have asked with a MB star computer thinks they are conducting brain surgery when all I need is a transmission code cleared.


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Re: Clearing transmission code E320 Melbourne

Postby Ivanerrol » Wed 31 May, 2017 1:50 pm

Did you try Lennox's in Bulleen?

It takes about a minute to reset.
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Re: Clearing transmission code E320 Melbourne

Postby axeman74 » Wed 07 Jun, 2017 11:46 am

Thanks, turns out my Auto Electrician buddy has a pretty sophisticated Bosch code scanner and was able to reset it for me. Transmission back to shifting perfectly.

Now why Benz would design their trans ECU to go into limp mode just because of a low voltage battery condition is another story. Guess I will just have to ensure I don't ever deaden the battery again.

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Re: Clearing transmission code E320 Melbourne

Postby W108-1967 250S » Sun 06 Aug, 2017 1:08 pm

I have read/heard lots of issues with warning lights and SBS systems etc when the battery goes belly up. Your trannie story is interesting! :think: My 2000 W210 E240 wagon has the battery under the rear seat, common in this model I think? Granted it is the size of a small house so pretty unstressed, but I agree, it seems strange so much runs off, or is dependant on, battery power. I'm dreading the day mine needs to be changed or starts trouble. :boohoo: I think at any sign of battery trouble, rather just change it for a new one. Also I reckon I will get another car and attach jumper leads to the Benz battery terminals, to try avoid a power cut during a battery change and the dash warning lights lighting up like a Christmas tree! :Doh:
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