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Right rear indicator light out warning

Posted: Sun 12 Nov, 2017 3:19 pm
by AdamC200
2008 C200 Sedan with LED rear indicators. Getting a right rear indicator light warning that is intermittent. Fast flash on the dashboard, but normal flash on exterior. I cant see that anything is wrong.. but when I went to look at the wiring in the boot just to push it in to make sure the connections were tight, it was very hot to the touch! Is it a cheap easy fix or something a mobile auto electrician would be able to fix without taking to a Stealership?

Re: Right rear indicator light out warning

Posted: Sun 12 Nov, 2017 10:05 pm
by Ivanerrol
This is a common issue with these cars.
The wires to the light assembly are too low gauge for the current passing through them,

This was the subject of a compulsory safety recall in the U.S. 850,000 cars were recalled to fix the issue. It was alleged that 3 persons died when their cars caught fire.
No such recall in Oz. You need to fix the issue by yourself - at least this means paying for the repair yourself.

The repair involves removing both tail light assemblies from the car, disassembling the units themselves, replacing a cricuit board and soldering in a new earth wire location.

There are instructions on youtube on how to do this.

It also means that the repair is labour intensive and takes a number of hours to undertake. $$$$ at the stealership. Any auto electrician can do this job - they can refer to youtube on the details. If you are handy with the soldering iron and can get around electrical circuitry you can do it yourself.

The tailight assemblies in my W204 need doing. The last stealership service noted this