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M.B Spares Workshop Services

Post by John Green » Mon 10 May, 2010 9:31 am

Hello all, I thought that I should post up some details about what services our workshop does and doesn’t offer to clear up some confusion.

First up a history lesson. Up until mid 2007 the M.B Spares workshop used to take on whatever came in the door. We did commercials, late model cars, transmission overhauls, the lot. We were so strong we even helped to bring down the old authorised MB dealer here in Canberra. (or at least I like to think we did) Anyway I had a heart attack (aged 42) and under instructions from the doctor had to cut down my stress and work load.

We announced that we were only going to do "Classic" car maintenance/restoration and that our Spare Parts business was to remain unchanged. Classic cars were deemed to be those with chrome bumpers. There were several reasons for this:

- It would cut my workload quite considerably.
- Classic cars are simpler to work on (therefore less stress)
- Many classic cars were not customers primary transport so the speed of the repair was not critical

That’s coming up for three years ago now and things have changed. We do the odd later model car and yes several forum members have picked up on me offering to a job on a "plastic" car. What has happened is that like all good business’s we are constantly evolving. Basically we still consider that we only do "Classic's, however we now have a set of criteria as to which jobs we will accept which is based on the same reasons we made the change in the first place.

- We still only book 1-2 jobs a day, we also have our ongoing restoration work.
- Jobs booked on later model cars are simple ones only. The definition of simple may also surprise you. We do a heap of V8 timing chains, in some peoples eyes a complex job, but as we are very experienced with this job we consider it simple. The style of job we will not accept is the "my C200K stalled twice a week ago" style of problem.
- We do not accept work where a given time frame is required. Not to say we are slow, but if there is a need that the car MUST be finished in a hurry (picking the kids up a 3pm) we are not interested.

So, hope that helps clear up the confusion. Any questions please fell free to ring me on 1300 787 300.
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M.B Spares 14-16 Lyell St, Fyshwick ACT. Please send parts requests to spares@mbspares.com.au not via the forum messenger system.


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