What’s the best engine oil for a w116 280se

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What’s the best engine oil for a w116 280se

Post by Cream 280SE » Sat 17 Mar, 2018 9:05 pm


The Cream machine has 160,000 Ks on the clock. What is best engine oil,


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Re: What’s the best engine oil for a w116 280se

Post by Ivanerrol » Sat 17 Mar, 2018 10:35 pm

Depends on what you do with the car.

City driving requires frequent oil changes regardless of the kilometers traveled.
Garage Queen cars require more frequent changes due to leak down of fuel into the oil. - At least once a year.
Cars used on long country trips at constant speeds can get away with longer period oil changes however don't exceed the manufacturers recommendations.

My 2009 W204 had only 44,000K's on it. A stealership changed the oil in December 2016 at 40,000K's. A few weeks ago I pulled the dipstick - the end stank of fuel.
I changed the oil and filter immediately.

Your engine was designed in the era of Dino oil. The best oil is now synthetic. However there is a school of thought that synthetic in old engines tends to abuse the rubber and other seals which ends up as leaks.

Your car is a 116 with only 160,000k's - that's very little K's for a 116. If your engine has been reconditioned then it's a candidate for synthetic oil - if not use Dino.

My philosophy? I go down to stooper cheap and buy the cheapest oil which conforms to the MB specifications for my car. But change it often. If the service interval requires 15,000km changes I do then every 7,500km. Even though my engines require 8 litres of synthetic stuff, the cost of the oil plus the filter is less than filling up one tank of 80 litres of premium fuel.

I wait until the oil is on special at Stooper Cheep. Then buy it. I use Mohican generic synthetic for my modern cars. It's rated to MB specs. It's half the price of Mobil 1. Plus I get a free T shirt or Mug when I buy 10 litres.

I have an electric pump to suck out the oil via the dipstick hole. This pump was all of $40.00 from steal bay. It takes half an hour to suck the dirty oil out, replace the filter and install the new oil. No getting under the car wrestling with a jammed sump plug bolt and getting dirty.

One caveat. Don't skimp on the filters. Get OEM ones. - Hengst or Mann.

Check the internet. Find out the oil spec for your car. Go to stooper cheep or Orto barn and get the oil specced for your car. Get the filters online or ring the forum sponsor.

Penrite is a good oil with MB specs and cheaper than Mobil 1 or Castrol. I.M.H.O. I steer clear of Nulon.

If you go to an independent specialist to have your oil changed chances are they will use a generic brand which they will source at wholesalers.
I have 25 litres of "National" synthetic oil I purloined from an indie specialist. Ever hard of "National Oil"? - it claims to conform to MB specs.
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