6.3 Grunt Analogy

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6.3 Grunt Analogy

Post by V8Finny » Sat 21 Oct, 2017 8:54 pm

Benz forum people often ask how tough is the 6.3 really? I mean, its a 50 year old car.
We all know it was tough for it's time, but compared to what? E Type Jags??

Well I had a rent-a-car unannounced upgrade this week, signalled only by an unintentional burnout leaving the Adelaide airport car park..

My 'standard' Commodore turned out to be a SSV 6.2L LS3.

The thump from behind as the back end hunkers down and sends you flying forward with warp drive.....it leads to a phenomenon that I call "point and shoot" driving, where you idle around a corner, point the car where you hope to go, then hit the accelerator pedal and be where you pointed 3 seconds later.......

This feeling was all very, very familiar...then I realised.....this is how my 6.3 feels to drive.

I thought my nostalgia might be running away with me, so I had a look online;

Commodore SSV 6.2L: weight; 1,741 kg, Torque; 570 Nm (420 lb-ft) @ 4,600 rpm
300sel 6.3; weight; 1,765 kg, Torque; 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) @ 3,000 rpm

So if you want to know just how much wilder a 6.3 is compared to your W108, take yourself down to your local rent-a-car jigger and book in a day in an SSV and be ready to exercise your smile muscles!!
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Re: 6.3 Grunt Analogy

Post by AMG » Sat 21 Oct, 2017 11:01 pm

A lot of people knock the Crummydoor / Dunnydoor but I remember my quad 48IDA weber'd ssgrp3 and it was a metric sh*t-tonne of shove-in the back / neck-snapping fun.

the LS is a great example of evolution of simple design. efficient and cost effective.
Also happens to make decent power, thanks to modern engine management. Not somethign to set the world on fire without huge $ mods, but great in standard trim for what it is and what it costs.

I remember the first time I drove an R129 with AMG options. 300kW
compared to the 560 in the 107 and 126 it was like a normal 220kW and then this trebuchet-like delivery of obscene power in the higher rpms.
a faeces-eating grin if ever there was one. not a lot different down low though, with that 4 valve head.

Modern N/A 6.2 M156 is a great sounding but smoother power delivery. aggressive but not that low-down sledgehammer effect of the older engines.

I love the m100.
If only there were enough around to EFI and drop a 722.6 behind, and drop into something really cool, like a w111 coupe.....

pipedreams.... :occasion5:
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Re: 6.3 Grunt Analogy

Post by Mercmad » Sun 29 Oct, 2017 1:48 pm

I still find it fun to wipe the clock of Ford and commodore owners on reasonably open stretches of road but those are few and far between in South east queensland and i need my license .Today though ,falcon, commodore and nw mustang owners can simply drop into firms like Elite autos and drive out with a mid boggling 1200 HP. My neighbor often gets these cars in for detailing as they are traded in for the latest toy . Some are just mental to drive, with pitiful traction etc ( a lot of them are utes...) but to hear a Ford modular V8 or LS series engine wind out is pretty interesting, imagine a hyabusa getting whipped, that's what they sound like. And the point? god knows, Not much fun driving to work or the shops and worrying about speeding tickets.

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