refurbishing my parcel shelf - guidance appreciated...

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refurbishing my parcel shelf - guidance appreciated...

Post by MajorBenz » Sat 31 Mar, 2018 4:26 pm

Hi guys,
When I bought my 280s the parcel shelf was covered in some grey fury stuff - the kind which might upholster a muppet. I decided to rip it out and this is what I'm left with (see pics)

Not very pretty. So I've been googling around looking at old benzes and it seems that some carpet that matches the stuff on the floor, is the way to go. Perhaps with some masonite backing. And then the bracket thing that holds it down should be wrapped in some vinyl - also matching interior.

Now to the questions:

1.) the metal bracket thing had a filthy old strip of thick felt along on side which I removed and chucked. Was this felt important and should I replace?

2.) Does anybody nears melbs have some left over maroon/burgundy carpet they want to get rid of?

3.) Looks like the bracket also directs air up onto the rear screen. Is this part of the demister system? I haven't actually got my heater system working yet. Another thing on the list.....

Any answers / general advice on doing this job apreciated.
Cheers in advance,
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Re: refurbishing my parcel shelf - guidance appreciated...

Post by NZJasonT » Sat 14 Apr, 2018 10:38 pm

Hi Dan - I think it’s more general ventilation than a demister function as there are no fans back there and no air feeds from the front

The felt you mention is likely to stop the metal rubbing and making unwanted cabin noise when it moves - i’d Replace it with something similar if you can that gives you a nice tight fit.

Can’t help you with the carpet sorry I had a spare here in NZ but I sold it just this week

Best of luck


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