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working on it
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Intro for newbie

Post by working on it » Sat 11 Feb, 2017 6:10 am


As my user name suggests, I am Working On It.
On finding the right MB that I will be...working on (see what I did there?)

I have my heart set on a W108/109 LWB - Those 10cm are very important, I don't know why, but they are.
Bit of a closet rev-head, so a V8 would be so awesome. But not the be all, a 2.8l would still be bigger than my current ride which is a Subaru (which I love)

So I am here, learning, learning, learning. Hopefully also making some friends and acquaintances as well.

So Cheers folks!
Thanks for having me


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Re: Intro for newbie

Post by CraigB » Sat 11 Feb, 2017 7:34 am

Welcome and as discussed, a good SEL is hard to find or very expensive. I have said for some time that i think the W109 is the pick of that body to own, not the expense of the 6.3 where values already are rightly astronomical for such impressive cars, but the first of the V8 era with this incredible suspension. There was a time when they were bargain prices and a fantastic example changed hands through this forum some time ago for less than $10k i think simply due to no demand and needing to sell. Some of the air suspension parts are very expensive but it is a good system worth preserving. Some people remove and replace with springs, which given the investment potential of these cars I wouldn't remove one of the most identifying features and benefits of this model. There is lots of discussion on this in forums.

I saw that gumtree W109 with no interior shots for $8k and i think his price estimates to fix things are very conservative. His '?' for paint you can fill in for $10k and he knows it and why he put a ? Air suspension is a big ? because the car is sitting at the front and not the rear, i am guessing it has blocks in there so he could move it. System needs to be gone through and that will depend on your mechanic abilities and then on top of that parts. I think they were all leather interior and is usually pretty stuffed and probably why no photo. You can get a good feel for that cost and world upholstery website but it won't be $3k. He may have had a local upholsterer say he will knock something together for that but would be false economy. And i am not suggesting he is asking too much, depending on condition of what is there, just that to get it finished will cost a lot on top. But at least it is a car that i think will be worth a lot finished in the future so potential to get your money back. But could easily cost something like $30k if including some mechanical work - but with a W108 3.5 selling for $45k just recently in shannons auction (which therefore is a sale and not just an asking price) then you can see the potential.
Craig Baulderstone

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Re: Intro for newbie

Post by cuisses » Sat 11 Feb, 2017 10:45 am

WOI , the W108/09 cars are great to own and I agree they look good as well. You might get lucky and find a cheap W109, but it is much more likely that you will be able to source a good W108. In driving the W108 I have never thought that an extra 10cm behind me would be helpful :think: .

If you are really attached to the extra 10cm then be prepared to pay for them. You can probably pick up a good W108 for between 10 and 15K, but when it comes to W109 3.5's you need to add another 10K to that, which works out at 1000 bucks a centimetre.

Of course, if you want the bigger engine and the air suspension then that is a different matter.
David Williams

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working on it
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Re: Intro for newbie

Post by working on it » Sun 12 Feb, 2017 12:51 pm

Thanks for the input gentlemen,
Yes, I am being completely irrational about my need for that extra 10cm. I am working on accepting something that is not LWB, my poor little brain will come around eventually I'm sure....maybe I could start with accepting a V8 that's not LWB..
I have read a bit about the suspension on the W109 and the nightmare it can be, not to mention the expense. But if its not there, the essence of the car has been removed. So if I am going to take on a potential money pit like the W109, I will do it suspension and all, Cause the W109 is a beauty.
I am a terribly nostalgic kinda gal (damn you ovaries), so I wouldn't be selling my car in a hurry...I may end up like some people here (CraigB ;) )and have multiple cars and millions of spare parts 'just in case' laying around.
Best I get onto building that big shed I've been thinking about.


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Re: Intro for newbie

Post by ngruzevs » Sun 12 Feb, 2017 5:32 pm

I had the opportunity to purchase a W109 3.5 about 10 years ago, as a mate was selling. At the time I had never dipped toes into classic car ownership, so got the car checked out by my mechanic. He said stay away due to the rust that needed work and various panel defects. I'm now kicking myself for not taking the opportunity as mate only wanted $7K.
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